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Suzuki Across - fuel leak

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by kiet88, May 31, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    So i decide to clean my bike today... I had a look around and underneath by bike when i realised a bike of grime underneath my tank so i decide to wipe it off.. I thought it was probably just a bit of dirt... When when i wiped it down the tank was shiny...


    So first i wiped down the tank and that gold bolt... I then shined my flash light and i could see fuel slowly coming down the bolt...

    I think this has been there for a while now looking at the grime that has built up on the axle. but then again i have realised that my fuel economy has slightly dropped over the last few weeks.. say from about 16.5 km/litre to 15.5 km/lt...

    I first tired to tighten the bolt with a spanner but realised i didn't have one big enough... (its at least a 27mm but the biggest i have is 22mm)

    My question: is this a quick fix? or will i need to change the tank? if a quick fix is something like quicksteel the solution?

    edit: i have placed a small container below the bolt for now to see now much fuel is actually leaking out.

    below are some more pics:

    where im looking at from the side

    the arrow shows where it is leaking from

    view from underneath the bike
  2. 27mm!...that`s a bigun...you had the tank off, checked connections, hoses??
  3. looks like fuel level sender unit with wires coming out of it like that?

    Go to a suzuki dealership and get the parts bloke to look up that part, he will be able to tell you what you are looking at, and if it has an "O" ring in there, or how the unit is mounted - it might be permanent/non servicable. Have a look at the screen yourself, he will have an exploded parts diagram of the fuel tank. If its just an "O" ring replace it, and the one next to it. I'd use a BIG shifter on that BIG nut, keeping in mind that it seems to be screwed into a plastic fuel tank, so dont over tighten it....

    Here's a copy of the service manual, pics aren't very good though....

    Good luck.....
  4. thanks... i have a copy of that service manual already but i couldn't find anything that related directly to that part of the tank...

    I've put quick steel on the edge where the bolt meets the tank and seem to have stopped the leak for now... but i'll pop into a dealership and ask them about when when i have time
  5. Might be good for years like that!
  6. I've heard some pretty amazing stuff about that Quicksteel (and other similar things)

    If that was the only source of the leak and you covered it with this stuff I doubt its ever going to leak again..
    Good luck getting the nut off if you still wanna replace it though ;)

    May the force (of a very long breaker bar) be with you