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Suzuki Across Exhaust/Muffler Help Needed

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by enforcer, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. At first I thought there was no way to recover this exhaust but after a closer look it doesn't seem that bad of a split/crack.

    From the second pic you can see that the gap that has opened is at the join. I was thinking of welding it shut but my dad told me that some special welder is needed 'cause the one we have will work only for thick steel, trying it on the exhaust will just burn holes through it. The stuff that the exhaust is made out of is rather thin.

    So what's the best way to try and fix this?ntScreen.



  2. hey just wondering does it make the bike sound louder or perform better??
    :LOL: :LOL:
    but if u want to try a place called madaz exhaust they make new mufflers and if not maybe fine a second hand one
    hope that helps in some way
  3. Eh a little arc welder will fix that up real quick...
  4. It can be done with a Mig welder but you have to be very careful. An ark welder would be better. Or you could simply put dome Loctite Muffeler Putty on it, which should be just as effective.
  5. One more before pic:


    The after pics:




    I'm rather happy with the outcome :grin:
  6. For some reason my Across sounds louder then what stock should sound, even before the gap opened up on the exhaust. With the slight gap in the exhaust the exhaust still sounds around the same loudness but when idle I nearly fall over from the fumes.

    To fix it I used the muffler/exhaust putty with several layers of heat proof spray paint.

    Edit: typo
  7. Looks sweet! The repair is pretty obvious but not bad at all for an afternoon in the shed. :grin: The putty does sand so it at some stage you wanted to sand it and the scratches on the side of the pipe then repaint, you get a better finish. At the end of the day though, it doesn't matter on a 250. The all get dropped so minor damage doean't hurt the resale. :)

    I had a pipe split in half on my old CB once. I initially repaired it with a mig welder but it ended up re splitting. I had a 2nd go with just spot welding and the muffler putty and it held forever. Amazing cause I used so little of the stuff that when I traded it in, the dealer didn't even notice it on the chrome pipe.
  8. Thanks for the info about the exhaust/muffler putty Seany.

    The fumes are coming out where it should be and the putty has hardened rock solid.

    You can only tell work has been done to the exhaust/muffler if you bend down and stick your face right next to the exhaust and look under.
  9. Yeah I know. I'm that much of a bastard. :grin: Actually if you look at the photo, you can still see scratches on the side of the pipe. I was more worried about that. :)