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Suzuki Across - Clutch issues

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by kiet88, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    So on Friday night while riding home, I pulled my clutched lever in approaching a set of red lights. "SNAP" MY first thought was "oh crap my clutch cable just snapped." From a stop start i press the starter button and give it a little gass while in first gear to get it moving. After that I was still able to change gears up and down by rev matching. Lucky for me most of my trip home form the city is on the free way.

    So yesterday morning, I took my front sprocket cover off to check where my clutch cable snapped.


    I soon discovered my clutch cable was fine, but the small metal pivot that holds the end of the clutch cable had snapped. So I go to PS to buy the part, luckily it was in stock, i.e. part 24 in the picture

    Got home, installed it, but still my clutch isnt't working. So now with the bike started happens:
    While on rear stands:
    1. able to change gears without the clutch
    2. while in gear, the rear wheel rotates as expected. However, by I press my clutch lever, the rear wheel continues to rotate.

    While on the ground
    1. Bike stalls when going from neutral to 1st gear

    I have tried loosening and tightening the clutch cable with no result. There was a small gap between my front sprocket, which allowed me to put my hands though to touch the push rod. With my fingers on the push rod, I pull my clutch lever, but the push rod does not seem to move. So took the clutch push rod out and put it straight back in. Still nothing.

    Any suggestions before i take it to a mechanic?
  2. Sorry not familiar with the bike but what are parts 25 and 26? Do they just hold part 24 on or are they dsome form of adjustment?
  3. parts 25 and 26 actually form part of part 24...
  4. i worked it out, I have to screw part 25 further into the part to engage the clutch.

    please close thread
  5. That is what I was asking.
  6. Find the correct procedure for adjusting part 25. Usually you back off the cable adjustment, then adjust 25 until it just starts to push the pushrod, then back it off a set amount. Then you adjust the cable. If 25 is adjusted too tight it will cause pushrod wear and maybe clutch slip.