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suzuki across charging problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by acrossPhil, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. hi guys this is my first bike so excuse the novice questions. ok i have a 93 across which is having charging problems and i need some help. my bike wont start at all unless i jump start it or clutch start it unless i put a new battery in. i just done over 1000km trip on it and it sucked having to clutch it every time i stopped plus the headlight and indicators were very dull and not flashing. when i got home i put a mutimeter on the battery with the ignition off and i only had around 8.5volts. i jump started the bike and checked the bike at idle and it had dropped to 8volts, leaving the mutimeter there i gave the bike a steady rev and the highest it went to was only 9.5volts hence the reason my new battery went flat, now i have been told that it will be either the generator or the voltage regulator/rectifier i am reluctent to take it to the bike shop as they charge a small fortune per hour. now the price for a new generator is only around $120 which is ok and i hope thats the problem where as the voltage reg is $400. sorry for the long question but i thought i would ask here before doing anything as i dont want to have to replace things if i dont need to
    thanks guys

  2. $400 for a regulator? Is it made out of gold and platinum?

    You're better of scouring ebay and see if you can buy 10 cheap ones or call up some wreckers and gamble a little.

    But as cjvfr said, most likely it is the regulator rather than the alternator/"stator coil".
  3. It's an old Suzuki. Of course it's not charging :D.

    Almost certainly rec/reg. I would expect to be able to buy a new aftermarket unit for less than $150. A lot less.

    If you're very unlucky it's possible that the dead rec/reg may have taken the alternator with it but this is relatively rare. Change the rec/reg before delving deeper.
  4. that price for the rec/reg was from 3 different bike shops around the newcastle area so i thought it was the right price they must have a nice mark up on it. Thanks for the web links i will check it out and do some tests and let you know how i get on. Im thinking i might ring a few wreckers to see what their prices are like
    thanks again
  5. $400 will be what Suzuki want for a genuine Suzuki rec/reg, which is a bit rich of them considering Suzuki's genuine units are known worldwide to be rubbish.

    You should be able to find something new online that will work and will continue to do so for more than 6 months for about $100. Don't be put off by the fact that the Across doesn't appear in any listings from overseas. It will not have a unique charging system. I'd be willing to bet that the functional properties and wiring arrangement of its rec/reg will be shared with other, more common, Suzukis of the era. A GS500 unit, for example, which will set you back ~$100 for an upgraded aftermarket one.

    Can't say for sure without a wiring diagram, but I'd definitely be looking into the possibility before shelling out either Suzuki's rip-off price or paying a wrecker for a unit that may be as buggered as the original.
  6. Yeah thats pat I am gunna pull it out tomorrow and have a good look at it and go hunting tomorrow for another one. Yeah I was thinking that that price would have to be for a genunie for what I have seen you are right in that it shares a similar charging system to other suzukis of same same era