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Suzuki Across battery issue

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by seaney, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    im not overly mecahnical...so ill explain as best i can.

    I've had the suzi for about a year this time around, i ended up buying it back from whom i sold it to years ago.

    When i bought it back i replaced the battery. it has been fantastic from then.

    The last week though i have been noticing the battery appears to be going flat. but it seems a bit odd.

    In the mornings, ill try to start it, and it almost sounds dead flat, but then it seems to find a tiny bit of charge and start turning over better. I have a slight downhill driveway, and can roll start it down. When i stop at work, if i turn it off then immediately try and turn it on, its seems fine.

    After leaving it for a few hours, i have the same issue. If i hold my thumb on the starter for long enough it manages to kick over.

    Does this just sound like a bad battery or maybe an alternator? I cant see anything left on that would drain the battery, no lights or anything like that. What else could be doing it?

    Thanks for any help you might have.
  2. Check the boot light, that might still be stuck on if the switch is broken.

    Have you checked if the battery is charging properly? It might not be charging at it's best, so the battery is just getting enough charge to hold it for a few hours, but dies there after.

    Also check if the terminals are clean and contact is good as well as the wiring to the starter...it might broken or hanging off.

    If all that fails, a dead new battery can also happen, but rarely.
  3. I would disconnect the boot light, most stupid design ever. Its really easy to not to close it properly and you wake up the next morning to a flat battery.

    Ride the bike for an hour, highways are best. If the battery still struggles then you need a new battery. I dont think its your alternator as it does seem to be charging your battery.
  4. If youve got a volt meter test the battery, it should be giving you around 13.5v when not connected to the bike. When the bike is on, the terminals that connect to the battery should be around 14 - 14.5v.
    Try charging the battery. I had battery problems for ages on an across, gave it one full charge and they stopped for good.
    Whatever happens, its not just going to fix itself. You'll have to poke around and find the problem yourself, or get a mechanic to do it, or sling a few beers to a mate and get them to do it.