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Suzuki Across- any good?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jwebb2876, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. Seeing as I got my L's last week I figure it's time to get a bike. Neither of mine are currently rideable, and I can't keep pinching my mate's ZZR250 every time I want to go for a ride :p

    Anyway, the reason I'm asking about the Across is my cousin recently upgraded to a GSX-R750 and doesn't need his anymore.
    So what's the good, the bad and the ugly on these things? Is there anything in particular I need to watch out for, or is it a jump on and ride sort of thing?
  2. less about the bike (dozens of people here cut their teeth on the handbag), more about 'what's the condition of said bike on offer, price, maintenance history, mileage, etc etc?'
  3. What maintenance history, it's a pre LAM's learner 250, most of them were thrashed, crashed and then stashed in the shed till they could be fixed. The Across (in its day) was a zippy 250.
    4cyl's, revved out to around 16000rpm, could take off like a shower of shite, no problem with shutting down the doof doofers at the traffic lights. (not that a responsible rider would that)
    Corners bloody well, looks and sounds bigger than a 2fiddy, and you can carry your beers and pizza home in the fuel tank/glove box.

    A very good unit in their day .. good luck with it.
  4. Good nick, about 35000km, been dropped and fixed once, serviced every 5000km since new. It's copped a bit of a hiding through the twisties a few times and ridden fairly frequently on gravel roads (his folks are farmers).
    He wants $1400.
  5. take it! (unless that's 135,000 :LOL:)

    still, if it's been regularly serviced...
  6. Just be prepared for jokes and smart comments about your handbag :)

    (in fact, it does sound like a good buy and there's no shortage of former Across riders in these pages to give you advice)
  7. Got one of these for the better half, and apart from some starting issues (I think its plugs... not the model of bike) its a hoot.

    Revs out till the cows come home, and through the twisties its a really surprising bike. I wouldn't want to do long distances or anything, but for weekend hit-outs its great value.

    Only real hitch I've found is because the tank is under the seat, measuring 12 litres, and it aint the most frugal, you're looking for a fuel station fairly regularly.
  8. Handbags are so much more convenient than pockets, you can carry more stuff. You know, tools, beers, spare undies, your lipstick :p
    I have to register the cage before I do anything else, so I'll wait and see how much that costs before I do anything. I'd give car rego a miss, but it's a hoot to drive, and getting wet really doesn't appeal to me :p
    Re: fuel usage, I'm used to crap mileage. My car barely makes 350km on a tank, and it'll swallow 60L lol
  9. Yeah, had mine for 3-4 years, flogged the heck out of it for somewhere around 80,000km in total and was still running strong when I upgraded. Other former across owners i know can say similar...

    Fairly straightforward to service, maintain etc. Not much in the way of known issues with them except a stupid carb issue, a plastic clip seems to fail after 30-50,000 and the bike just wont run at lower revs, (google will help for more detail here) the clips things were less than $10 each so when one of mine went I just replaced all four

    Fuel range as mentioned is rubbish, but a 5l plastic jerry fits in the handbag with room to spare.

    For 1400 in reasonable nick I'd say grab it before I do hehe
  10. Reasonable range on a tank is 200-220km.
    They only have a 12L tank stashed under the seat (thats about 17km per Litre)
    if its not been maintained and in reasonable tune, then you'll struggle to see 180 out of a tank. aftermarket pipes seem to suck more juice depending on how the jets are.
    I've heard some people struggle to get 150 from a tank.
    Mine with 18000 when i bought it and 24000 when i sold it would get 190-195 in suburban commute. More on the long rides obviously.
  11. I had one for about 3 months on my L's. Was comfy and pretty zippy. Do miss that boot..

    +1 Mileage is pretty bad and you do end up filling up quite often though.

    They are getting pretty old.. but echoing mickg and 6ixxer: as long as you can find one that's been well looked after, should be alright :)
  12. Their only the best 250 there is, haha, although I am a bit biased. They aren't shy of speed about 1.80 depending on accuracy of speedo, can launch quicker than most traffic but require a few revs. Overtaking maneuvers at 100km are fairly easy if you shift to 5th, I'd prefer it over my car to overtake anything other than trucks and buses. Boot comes in handy and is fairly reliable although mine only has 30k kms on it, they also corner alright but can become quite easily unstuck on rough surfaces.

    For that type of money I'd snap it up before someone else does if its in decent nick.
  13. Cheers guys :)
    I think I'm pretty safe re. getting it before someone else, my cousin doesn't actually have it up for sale. Basically, I heard he'd upgraded, so I rang and asked what he was doing with it.
    Like I said before, I need to register the car before I do anything, as funds are tight at the best of times. I might talk to Dad and see if he can grab it for me until I can pay for it.