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Suzuki Across Accident Repair

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Roshan, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. Hey there

    The problem ive got at the moment is fixing up my Suzuki across. Ive taken a few photos and hopefully someone on here can give me some advice.

    First off when the bike low slided it ground a hole in what i think is the rotor cover? or clutchside engine cover?


    So what i did was drain the rest of the oil out as most of it had already leaked through that small hole. Then i took off the 8 bolts that hold the cover in place. I was planning on cleaning it thoroguhly with break cleaner and then taking it somewhere to be repaired, or perhaps use something like QuickMetal, stil not sure.

    Anyway when i tried to take it off i was unable because of a yellow wire going to the stator motor


    Any ideas how thats supposed to be removed without cutting those wires??

    Couple of other things too:


    Should i just try and scrape that rust coloured stuff off with brake cleaner? It looks like a liquid but its very solid

    IS this the airbox cover that i am missing? Could this be a possible reason as to why the bike was running rich prior to the accident?

    Also prior to the accident the left side indicators wouldnt blink. Now both sides dont blink so i removed the stator relay

    Any idea where i can get a replacement one of these? tried all the usual car and electrical stores and none of them seem to supply them.

    I'd Appreciate any help
  2. Ok, thats a flasher box (Im sure there a prper name for it) stator relay is diffrent. U can get one anywhere even car ones will fit.

    The hole in the engine cover needs to be welded shut, anyone who has a TIG with gas or even a MIG welder can do it no probs. On the cheap u can get low temprature alloy welding rods from camping stores and try your luck but u still need a gas flame, U can shape and putty the scrapes with liquid metal and repaint after that. (or just get a new one.)

    Yess u are missing a filter from the airbox and that could be making it run lean. (no power hanging revs) cant make it run rich thou.

    No idea how to disconnect the wires im sure if u look harder ull find someway, no dont cut them.
  3. that liquid lookin brown stuff looks a lot like glue holding the magnets for the alternator in place. Find out from the manual or someone in the know before you remove it.
  4. Just remove the screws from the inside of the cover and it all just slips out. No need to cut anything.
  5. whoops forgot to update this thread.

    Ive ordered a new stator cover/stator gasket/air box cover and air filter. Should be picking it up and installing it tomorrow hopefully it all goes smoothly. Thanks for the advice