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Suzuki Across '96 chain and sprocket replacement?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by mickf82, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    My chain is screwed......every ride I am adjusting the tension, so I think it will be snapping soon! I was going to change both sprockets and the chain, but am not sure where or what to get? I looked on the internet abd couldn't find too much.

    Seeing as I am replacing the sprockets, is it worth changing the size of them?

    Also, what are the standard sprocket sizes? How many teeth do they originally come out with (just incase mine is not stock).

  2. 13 teeth front is standard i THINK, and i had 11 teeth front, rear im not sure but i know that i had the largest available and im fairly sure that was standard...it cost me $270 for both sprockets and an o-ring chain installed, but its REALLY easy to do it yoursef, as i found out...chain working tools arent too expensive either...but yea..i didnt notice that much of a difference in power after the sprocket change...easy to lift the front wheel..but does little to nothing in acceleration...if you want more power replace the slide holders (will cost you about $25, and take about 45 minutes the first time, then about 20 minutes after that)..pm me if you want details
  3. Thanks for that. Are there any brands/type of chain and sprocket that are better? What are slide holders?

  4. no special brands or anything, although genuine suzuki is usually more expensive, as for the chain im not sure what others would recommend...i just got a generic o ring chain for my across..and maintained it properly.


    that website explains where and what the slide holders are.... if you dont know what they are they likely wont have been replaced, and you will find a really noticeable increase in power from changing them, at least i did..although one of mine was worn to the point it slid in and out almost easily.. the total cost of replacing slide holders is about $25 so its something you can do even if you arent sure its needed...that website has lots of tips regarding the across :D
  5. that sites pretty helpful mate.... thanks....

    i myself have an across...
  6. All fixed......amazing what 4 little pieces of plastic can do.

    Chain and sprockets also replaced.

    Thanks for your help guys.