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Suzuki across 250cc

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by GSXF250_boy, Jul 14, 2007.

  1. :mad:
    I often have problems starting my bike (1997 Suzuki Across).
    She won't fire up. When I press the start button it turns over but to no avail. Is there a magic technique to start these bikes up. Just had it serviced and still the same problem. I usally have to use to jumper leads to keep trying and trying and eventually she fires up
    Anyone had the same problems with their across?

  2. Best advice is to play with the throttle and choke (assumin across has choke)
    With my last to bikes

    Hot days give a bit of throttle wen startin
    cold days give lots of choke when startin.

    Having said that get a multimeter and make saure ur batterry is reading 11+volts when stationary.

    Are the light dim, do they fade when ur blicnkers are on (old dead battery) recharge or replace
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  4. prolli needs a good tune up....

    might be time for a major service. tight v/clearance can make it a prick to start.
  5. if its just been serviced, check the throttle and choke cables, as a thought, accidentally made the mistake of incorrectly installing the throttle cables causing massive flooding during the start phase.
  6. can't offer a solution, but plenty of moral support. My 1991 across was a shocker to start, albeit after it was 80K old and badly looked after :(

    I took to parking on hills and roll starting every day, which worked.
    My current 1999 Across is much better.

    I actually installed one of those electric battery chargers which plugs into the wall and clips onto your battery, so instead of opening up the bike and jump starting each day, you can just plug this in overnight or if it's been left idle for too many weeks. Cost $50 i think. It stays wired to your battery at all times, and has a detachable clip which tucks in around handlebars for when you need to connect.
  7. I found with my old across that if I used the choke it would always flood... (same as the CBR250RR, FZR250 and the ZXR250)