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suzuki across 250 1997 model almost 80 thousand ks

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by hood, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. gday i just scored an apprenticeship and im looking to buy my first bike just to get to work and back every day, i cant afford much yet as i havent started work yet, im looking at a 1997 suzuki across, it has rego but it has nearly 80 thousand ks, its only $800 what are your opinions? with that many ks would it be reliable enough to get me to work? only problem he says is the choke is stuck on and it needs a service , thanks

  2. That's a lot of kms for a 250.
    If it has been looked after well then it would be no problem - but it sounds like this may be a little hit and miss.

    Any more details?
  3. thanks for the reply, yeah ill have to go have a look at it thats about all he said, the bike would only have to last me a while until i could afford something better.
  4. Choke stuck on and needs a service is neglect.
  5. yeah sounds that way, being a 4 cyclinder would they last a bi longer then the 2 cyclinders and that?
  6. quite the reverse you would think since they rev to ?16,000rpm and require near that to move at all !
  7. number of cylinders doesn't really = longer life. It depends on how the bike has been ridden and maintained

    Search the forums you will find plenty of information about high km bikes

    Edit: In saying that my first bike was a single cylinder thumper (CB250RS) with 66k and i had no problems with it, and i fanged it all the time. But i regularly serviced it by the book.
  8. yeah will do thanks
  9. Riding around with the choke stuck on is engine abuse.
  10. 1: 7000 rpm with usable from 3 ish vs 15,000rpm usable from 8,000
    2: ~26hp vs 45hp - the 4 is far more highly strung
    3: far simpler if something goes wrong, in fact just heaps less to go wrong !
    4: can anyone actually work on the valves on a 250/4? they are 4v heads, they must be about the size of a childs fingernail !
  11. It's $800 for a reason. And he wants $800 so it's not worth $200.
    It's not the 80,000 that is the worry.
    The choke stuck on and needs a service bullshit cough cough
  12. A baby V-Twin such as those found in a VTR250 has a longer stroke and more compression - all in all - @ 80K they have moved considerably LESS than a four pot screamer with pistons the size of thimbles......................
  13. right on all the above, I was just trying to make the point the how the bike had been ridden and looked after is more important in terms of engine life then the amount of cylinders it has.

    Inheritanly some engines through design will last longer then others, f1 engines used to be a few race bin item!