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Suzuki across 1990 dealer or 1996 private?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Anotheronebitesthedust, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. Hey people, my first thread!
    I have my motorcycle Ls this weekend at rider bros! Woo!
    Anyway, I've done a little looking around and I can't keep my eyes off an old Suzuki across to be my first bike. I know this isn't the first across first bike post but. I found a 1990 model in a 'spot on' dealership for $3000 which is more than the 1996/8 models been sold upwards of $1500 privately. The only obvious difference being RWC, rego and warranty? $3000 is my budget as I just bought my gf her licence and a cb125e to learn on.
    I'm going in to have a look today so I can find out the details, but I'm a little put off as it is the first model released and was refined as years went on...?

    Can anyone recommend between 1990 and 1996/8 acrosses?
    Also if the price sounds right?

    Again apologies on the noobie thread, but so confused and I know after my licence I'm probably not going to be patient enough to wait without a bike haha. Cheers.
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  2. Rip off mate. I'm selling a 2011 Honda cbr250r with EFI and only 8000 Klms in perfect condition for $3200 for comparison.
  3. Not sure what warranty on used bikes is like in VIC, but in QLD they only come with 30-day warranty on used bikes......... so don't pay extra from a dealer because of "warranty". $3K for 1990 model seems pretty high.
    Also stay away from anything being sold without a RWC, they aren't that hard to get for a bike, so if the seller can't be bothered organising it, they are probably hiding something
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  4. I agree $3000 is too dear for that age bike. Nice little bikes they are, I had one for my first bike. If you notice your fuel consumption starting going up, need to replace the jet/needles in the carbs. Pretty easy to do yourself. From memory I think I replaced them about every 10000 to 15000 kms
  5. There's a NSW seller on eBay selling 3 of them for $1500, 1 riding fine, 1 needs a bit of work but runs, 1 is accident damage so spates or a project. '93 models I think, may vexeorth a look if the one is fine. Make some $$ on the other?
  6. With a lot of the Jap 250s of that era, the power actually went down a little after 1992, so I think from memory the 90-92 model had 45hp, and 93- had 40hp. Also in victoria anything 91 or older can be club registered for $70 which may actually raise demand slightly. As for the private sales, I've never been too concerned buying bikes without RWC as its very straightforward to work out what a bike will need and factor that into your budgeting.
  7. Geez thanks for all the info, really appreciated. I went to have a look and it was ffffd. Haha the overall apperance of the bike was terrible, had never been respected and no books or history....

    Thanks for all the replies!
    Definitely still hooked on an across!