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Suzuki Accross Not starting this morning

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Pets, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Got my Accross ('94) yesterday and she started fine. Tried this morning and nothing. :?
    The lights are on but no one is home.

    Ok, I read some of the other posts, it seems i need to look at the Fuel Tap which is the first thing I will do as soon as I get to go home.

    Is there any other magical tricks I can try?? I turned the key, checked to see if she was in Neutral, lights are on. Double checked and turned the key a number of times. Pushed the starter button but NOTHING, not even a click a broooommm or anything.

    Where she is stored its a slight incline, so I thought maybe thats an issue, bounced her back and forth to maybe get fuel moving. But nothing, I think it will be something totally minor but have NO clue.
    Any advice is greatly appreciated.... :grin:

  2. Hi Pets,

    I did the learners course at Stayupright not too long ago and they taught me the "FINECC" and "IFF" system for starting up and turning off.

    Engine switch

    Turning Off:
    First Gear

    Hope this helps :)
  3. So the starter motor isn't even turning?

    Check the clutch switch, side stand switch, etc etc.

    At one stage my clutch switch was almost sheared off (how that happened, i have no idea), if that's happened to you and it's sheared off completely, then you won't be able to start the bike.
  4. if the starter doesn't kick on the across, look at clutch switch (green and yellow wires near clutch lever) and the sidestand switch (bypassed when in neutral) and possibly the battery and neutral indicator?
  5. You have to pull the clutch in and press the starter at the same time to start a Suzuki, I hope that's the problem and nothing more serious.
  6. Thanks everyone, this has been most helpful.

    I went to check everything as per your suggestions!

    I got her started, turns out once I put up the stand. :grin: .... seems like I never had her in Neutral either! Was wondering why the light didn't go on. Hm, slightly embarrasing but thats how you learn right?

    So i quickly jumped on and rode back to work!

    Again THANK YOU!!!

  7. Not on any I have ridden.
  8. hehe I bet you wont forget to check that for a long time :)
  9. LOL, yep you are right. I won't forget this one!

    I have to slowly reverse it into my courtyard, think thats where I went wrong with my gears... yes and I know there is no Reverse gear for a bike.... :LOL:
  10. Certainly on the Across you have to - and also on the DL650, DL1000 and a few others I've ridden. I thought it was a Suzuki thing.
  11. only on later acrosses. my first across didn't have the clutch switch (93) , but my current one does (98).