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Suzuki 250 Intruder - Accessory bars

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Lancelot, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. I'm interested in finding accessory bars (what I thought were called 'crash bars') for a Suzuki 250 Intruder. In the fairly recent past they were an official item from Suzuki, but they have now stopped making them.

    Does anyone know where I might be able to find some - or alternatively, where does one look to get something aftermarket fitted? Do people generally order these things in from USA and attempt to fit them or are there some good shops around Victoria that can make up something custom?

    Also, while I'm posting, any good websites for cruiser aftermarket goodies you might recommend?
  2. Don't know what is available for the Intruder in accessories, check out the US sights but I think most have stock for larger capacity cruisers. I didn't add anything to mine except saddle bags as I was heavy enough for the 250. If you find any add ons just get them fitted at next service. Still have saddle bags if you want them PM me, just put them under the pillion seat and tie down.

    Bloody top little bike.

    Best of luck with the hunt.

  3. That's strange when I spoke too the Suzuki dealer( BTX Motocycles Ferntregully) regarding accessories for my Intuder,No Problems!
    Give them a Hoi ph 03 9752011
  4. Thanks guys for the responses. Rod - I'm considering the saddle bags, I don't need them just yet, but I could use them.

    I contacted BTX (which is apparently now owned by Vision Motorsport) and they don't have any and referred me to www.zpower.com.au. I called zpower, but they don't stock anything for the 250 Intruder and couldn't recommend me elsewhere.

    Still can't find bars to fit this bike. Anyone know of any custom shops in Melbourne? Or US sites to order from?
  5. Try Blue14's sticky on this page, Glen at Republiccycles is good, email and enquire, also cruisercustomising and others might be worth a look. Most sites cater to the bigger cruisers as far as I can see. Maybe one of the local Chopper places might be able to make up some bars or recommend someone.