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Suzuki 250 Across - clutch sensor

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by maffau, May 3, 2009.

  1. My Across isn't responding to the start button every time, and I suspect it is the same cause as last time - loose clutch lever, 'cept this time the clutch lever doesnt seem to be loose, so I can't just tighten it up.

    Someone suggested in an earlier thread I just short the wiring - question: has anyone has any experience doing this for an Across, and is it just as simple as soldering them together?



  2. Are you trying to start it in gear or in neutral?
    What's the battery like?

    My bike used to start in gear (when side stand up) now only in neutral. It just has the oil light on when I press the starter but nothing else.

    When I started having issues with my batter this happened to. It was a little intermittent. Hit starter nothing, hit again she's alive.
  3. Could also just be the switch it self, try getting some electrical contact cleaner into it & see if that helps. :grin:
  4. That's what I'd try first. Open up the left switchblock and see if you can find a switch for it. Take that apart as far as you can without breaking it, spray WD40 all over the place and get into it with a toothbrush.
  5. Hahahah, the same Across problems seem to rear themselves......

    I have this problem with mine and for a year I would reach under the clutch lever and push the two connections together to get the clutch switch to make contact as it was dodgy.

    This is most likely the problem with yours, I think I enquired to get it fixed about $20 - $30 for a new switch, only two phillips head screws and a 5 min job, if you dont want to solder it (which could be a problem for that one time you forget your in gear and the lever is out!!!!)

    Or you could just leave it as it is as an anti theft device ;)
  6. When you pull the clutch in, lift it upwards as well. Works for me.