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Suzuki 2009 GS500F K9 - Black

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Blaise, Nov 30, 2010.

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  1. Time for an upgrade so my trusty 2009 Suzuki GS500F K9 is up for sale...

    No longer for sale

    • Popular learner bike with full fairing.
    • Immaculate condition.
    • ~20,000kms.
    • July 2011 registration
    • Never dropped.
    • Ventura rack.
    • Yoshi slip-on installed (noise restricted and OEM muffler also supplied).
    • Recently lubed, oil filter and spark plugs changed.

    Left-hand view

    Right-hand view

    Front view

    Yoshi pipe

    Other images:
    Rear view
    Tank view (top-down)

    Please note that this also bike is listed elsewhere.

  2. No longer for sale... being used as a trade-in on an '07 Daytona 675

    Mods - can one of you close this thread please.
  3. joining the Gaytona club eh? :D
  4. Yup... less exclusive than the Saggy Bums club though :D.

    Hoping to have it by Saturday assuming my money clears in time
  5. Did they give you much of a trade in?
  6. Change-over was just under $2.5k so about $6.5k for the trade-in. Compared to others shops I spoke to (not seriously mind you) who would give about $4.5k. Anyway, I'm happy as this Daytona has 4,000 less kms, new-ish tires and 11 months rego remaining.

    I was trying to sell it privately but with an ad that ran from November last year, I only got one serious bite and his highest offer was only $6.1k.
  7. Bloody good trade-in you got there..

    I got offered 4 thou for a 2009, same as yours, with the rack, standard exhaust, about 2000ks on the clock, I was only curious as to what they would offer, was pretty suprised how low they went, they won't get any business from me in the future...
  8. Geepers! I guess with 6 on there mine would be worth nothing! Silly stuff really considering the low mileage, still in warranty and popularity of these bikes.

    I guess they want to make 2k on resale?

    Nice work on the 'Tona blaise! Looking forward to seeing you on the weekends! ;)
  9. I was checking out the cb400 at the time, they wanted 10.5k for the non ABS, if I was really going to do it I would have worked a fair bit harder as I had seen 9.5k or better for a brand new one.

    I appreciate these places need to make a profit but these pricks were taking the piss with me, as I said they will never get any business from me & I would warn people away if the conversation turned to bike retailers in my area..
  10. I got an offer of $4.1k from a dealer in the "Hills" area as the trade-in on a 2004 CBR600RR (didn't really want it though, I just wanted to see how high/low they'd go as a trade-in)... with the rack, pipe albeit with 22 thou' on the clock but not a scratch in sight. He didn't even get up from his desk to go and look at it. Geepers, its came from that shop and still had 8 months factory warranty and rego! As to the dealer I went to for the Daytona, he went out with his pad and pen and went over the bike then mulled over the figures and came up with the change-over price. Needless to say, I only thought about if for a couple of hours before going back and securing it with a $500 deposit. The only hassle I'll be going through with the change-over is getting the stock muffler to the dealer... I might enlist the aid of a cager (mum :bolt:) to follow me to the shop, I don't fancy strapping it to my back and riding over ;)

    To the defence of that "Hills" dealer, Suzuki was giving dealers a cash back break at the time which might have accounted for the low price BUT they were still selling for a tad under $8.8k for a new one.

    Edit: I just remembered the conversation I had with the same salesman who sold me the bike - I told him I propably wouldn't be keeping it for too long and would be looking for something a bit more powerful once off my P's. He said, "don't worry, we'll look after you; LAMS bike hold their value and you'll get a good deal with us". Yeah... right!
  11. So 9k for the Daytona??? what year model was it?
  12. '07 first registered 21 December '07 in "burnt yellow" (looks somewhat gold). Getting stuffed around with getting some money out of an investment I have which has delayed being able to pick it up though. I'm gonna try to see if my father can spot me the money I need until my cash arrives next week so I can try to get her today.

    My ol' man can't see the point why I'm "traded up" to an older bike (the GS500F was new July '09) but it's not that much older. When I'd owned the Suzuki for about the month he said "how is it?" to which I answered "good but it needs more power, better suspension and stronger brakes". I think the Daytona covers those bases for not too much of an extra outlay ;) The only thing I need to add to the bike is a rack and it'll be complete.
  13. Yup thats the same thing I say about my GS500F .....power,brakes and suspension...other wise a great bike.

    So do you have any pics of it yet?

  14. I'll post a couple tonight (the pics from MCSales) and then do some of my own on Monday.
  15. I felt the same about my GS500, now I've upgraded the brakes and suspension, done a little bit to enhance the power delivery I'm enjoying it much more....still needs more power, but it's fun to ride. I spent some time last week on a standard GS, and it really just confirmed that it was worth making the changes to mine :)

    Congrats on the Daytona....look forward to seeing it out and about...
  16. Sorry to hijack this thread a little..

    Miraz, if you have the time, could you please pm me some details of what you did on your GS500, I have already replaced the front springs, but am looking at making a couple more changes & would be interested in what you have done..
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