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Suzuki 2008 Gs500f Lams Approved

Discussion in 'Archived' started by noob, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. Suzuki 2008 GS500F Lams approved bike. $5700.00 ono
    Pirelli Sport Demon tyres good tread.
    New Battery
    Ventura Rack
    Rego October 2013
    Mature owner
    Stock standard
    Great reliable bike
    Selling due to upgrade
    Pm me for details .
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  2. curious - what's the top speed on these things? also good luck with the sale - if i didn't have a bunch of money pits already i'd take it
  3. I've heard 170ish + from other threads on the GS500F
  4. :geek: i get near that on my lil toy 250's.....pretty sure i reached the 170 mark on my first bike the gpx2fiddy
  5. around 185kms Ive read.
  6. Plus it's also about pulling power or torque or whatever it's called (i'm clearly a qualified mechanic), and how fast you get there. For all I know your 250 woulda thrashed it Crisis but I've been told the GS is good for bigger fellows due to having more powaaarrr
  7. Yup they great for hauling fat arse's around like myself :)
  8. i was thinking about this thread earlier today...and i must say my bad - really seems like i'm bagging out the bike which could make someone think twice about buying it - not my intention and i expect these bikes to have a wider range of torque compared to the balls out 250's which you'd hope would translate to a smoother ride over-all
  9. The Suzi gs500 is a very good bike, tried and proven, reliable and rugged.
  10. good luck with the sale....look like its in good nick :cool:
  11. Come on peeps... this is a very good example of the GS500F in need of a new home. Paul's very finicky with the maintenance and she'd make a perfect first bike for venturing out on ya L's.
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  12. Sold please close the thread.:D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.