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Suzuki 2003 Sv 650 Wont Start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by faqz09, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, im kinda new 2 bikes considering this is my first one but I am good with cars and they are basically the same thing so it wont be hard for me to catch on. I have a 2003 suzuki sv650 that wont start. I believe i caused this problem due me taking off the positive battery terminal first and touching the ratchet on the frame like a dumbass, yes i know im a dumbass for that but I need to figure out what the problem is. I believe its fuel delivery related but definitely electrical. Why? because instead of every time you turn the key on and hear the fuel pump, it only works sometimes and the wining sounds is shorter then normal....i have played with some relay in the back and what im presuming to be the computer, and the connectors to the fuel pump itself to see if it would run...i got it to run but it would never stay on longer then 5 seconds. I believe the relay might be bad but im positive its an electrical component thats probably failing I just need to figure out which one so i can purchase it and be mobile again....thanks guys for the helping me with "when changing the subframe goes bad" :(

  2. Your digging yourself a hole. Take it to a shop before you destroy it completely.

    I'm all for fixing things yourself but there's always a point where you go to far and need a professional and it sounds like you've reached it.
  3. Dang no faith....If i can fix a car I can fix a bike all need is a point in the right direction anyways I figured it out...the freaking tip sensor wasnt mounted correctly lol I realized that when I went online pricing relays lol, but now i have another issue, i test drove the bike and everything was good until I was pulling in and realized I was stuck in 2nd gear. i couldnt shift up or down. I ended up puttin the bike on its side and messed with the shifter and eventually got it to shift...now its shift even smoother then before(noticed my bike shifting was rough when I rode my friends cbr) BUUTTTT I CANT GET PAST 4th gear!!!! no 5 or 6...im planning on messing with it tomorrow but any ideas anyone?