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N/A | National Suzuka 8hr Coverage

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by kwik, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. So does anyone know if we are able to watch highlights or the full event (would be a beer marathon haha) in Australia, it is looking like its going to be a great event this year with Kevin Schwantz returning yet again, Casey Stoner on the Honda with Van Der Mark from WSBK, and MotoGP Yamaha Tech3 riders Smith & Espagero on a Factory Yamaha. FoxSports? Ten? 7? One? SBS? probably some obscure water polo game on instead they want to cover....

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  2. A motorcycle endurance race like Suzuka or Spa is on my retirement bucket list...
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  3. Ustream are carrying it live if you have the Internet capacity.
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  4. Thanks for that one mate.
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  6. whats a internet?
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  7. Where you want the fish to go.
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  8. Q: Whats the Network?
  9. They've been showing live practice on the ustream feed for the last two days but apparently the race will be timing only...

    The new R1 is doing well.
    Stoner setting the top time for his team.

    No Cookies | Fox Sports News, Live Sport, Sports | Fox Sports

    1. (21) Yamaha Factory Racing Team, Katsuyuki Nagasuka (Yamaha, Group A1) 2m06.877s
    2. (12) Yoshimura Suzuki Shell Advance, Takuya Tsuda (Suzuki, Group B1) 2m06.958s
    3. (21) Yamaha Factory Racing Team, Pol Espargaro (Yamaha, Group A2) 2m07.156s
    4. (17) Team Kagayama, Yukio Kagayama (Suzuki, Group A1) 2m07.594s
    5. (634) MuSASHi RT HARC-Pro, Casey Stoner (Honda, Group A3) 2m08.113s
    6. (778) F.C.C. TSR Honda, Dominique Aegerter (Honda, Group B3) 2m08.306s
    7. (634) MuSASHi RT HARC-Pro, Takumi Takahashi (Honda, Group A1) 2m08.113s
    8. (87) TeamGREEN, Kazuki Watanabe (Kawasaki, Group A3) 2m08.548s
    9. (104) TOHO Racing with Moriwaki, Tatsuya Yamaguchi (Honda, Group A2) 2m08.787s
    10. (104) TOHO Racing with Moriwaki, Ratthapark Wilairot (Honda, Group A2) 2m08.787s

    1. (21) Yamaha Factory Racing Team, NAGASUKA/Espargaro/Smith (Yamaha) 2m06.877s
    2. (12) Yoshimura Suzuki Shell Advance, TSUDA/Lowes/Waters (Suzuki) 2m06.958s
    3. (17) Team Kagayama, KAGAYAMA/Haga/Kiyonari (Suzuki) 2m07.594s
    4. (634) MuSASHi RT HARC-Pro, Takahashi/Van der Mark/STONER (Honda) 2m08.113s
    5. (778) F.C.C. TSR Honda, Hook/Smith/AEGERTER (Honda) 2m08.306s
    6. (87) TeamGREEN, Yanagawa/Yudhistira/WATANABE (Kawasaki) 2m08.548s
    7. (104) TOHO Racing with Moriwaki, Elias/YAMAGUCHI/Wilairot (Honda) 2m08.787s
    8. (71) Honda DREAM RT, O’Halloran/Herfoss/URAMOTO (Honda) 2m09.046s
    9. (22) Satu HATI Honda Team Asia, KAMARUZAMAN/Pratama/Wilairot (Honda) 2m09.432s
    10. (25) Honda Suzuka Racing Team, HIURA/Yasuda/Kamei (Honda) 2m09.432s
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  10. Looks like there is coverage if u have foxtel also, just read this comment from casey stoner on fb
    Casey Stoner
    2 hrs ·
    For any Aussies interested in watching me race the Suzuka 8 Hours on Sunday, Eurosport are showing live coverage from 11.45amEST.
    Awesome :)
  11. Yep was about to post that, Channel 511 SD/263 HD which for some reason isn't listed on the foxsports website.
    TV Guide

    Been a lazy week work from home so was nice to have the practice sessions as background noise.

    Getting in the groove this week probably the best clip i've found of the suzuka 8 hour. Recap of 2014, had everything.
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  12. Combined times for all riders

    Provisional lineup. Not sure if it's a print error since a few times look out of order???
  13. Casey nearly two seconds faster than his two team mates
  14. Superpole done. 2 riders from the top ten teams gets 1 flying lap to set a time.

    Pol gets Pole for Yamaha
    Wantanabe 2nd for Team Green
    Stoner 3rd for Musashi HARC-pro

    It's a long race so top position doesn't mean too much but all three Yamaha riders are very fast, maybe too fast for the race if the Tech3 boys crash like they did in practice.
  15. Go the Aussies...

    3 in the top 10...good effort
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  17. Apparently Keanu Reeves will be waving the start/finish flag for the race tomorrow.. wonder if he'll strut the matrix gear in the 40 degree heat.

    A cool helmet cam from one of the test sessions earlier in the month. I believe it's onboard with Kousuke Akiyoshi
  18. It's a very technical track...
  19. Is he famous, just like me....

    I'll be doing start finish at PI tomorrow for interclub....

    given the weather report for tomorrow, PI will live up to its name 'gateway to hyperthermia'

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  20. How fast can you get a set of wheels changed? I'd love to have that endurance bike lift thingy

    Night practice with T. Ouchida