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Suzie DL1000 V-Strom long-term

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by FormerUser1, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. While cleaning the bike after another 2000km over the last 4 days (Vic. Alps/Snowies twisties smorgasboard) the dash was lit-up, unning the engine to blow any water out of the Staintunes.
    An '03 model and close enuff to the 40.000km mark... time for a few minutes worth of reflections.

    Quite a few '02s and some '03s had trouble with shonky clutch baskets, mine was one of them. Fixed under warranty.
    Apart from that, there hasn't been a single hiccup, only regular servicing, some fiddling to get things "perfect", some extras for touring.
    Never anything that stopped the bike from doing what it does best.....run like the clappers all day long. Day after day after day...

    Even servicing is fairly minimal, the standard 6000 oil and filter/ 12.000 more extensive, but simple checks.
    The chunky dual-sport tyres tend to last about 8.000rear, 12.000km front (fronts would last longer, but scalloping gets too bad by then).Fresh sets are around the $420-450 fitted /set, retail.

    Doing my own servicing, the small service runs to about 1hr, the bigger one about 3-4hrs. as I'm a picky bastard and really do and check everything.
    Every 18.000km an extra 3 hrs for a pedantic clean up/ sprocket and chain wash/ fresh fluids allround (fork-oil/ brake and clutch fluids/ coolant etc etc). Adjusted tappets once at 24.000km, checked again after the NZ-ride earlier this year and now believe the guys of the owners group that they can easily be left alone for 60.000km between checks.
    Oil is semi-synth Penrite 15W-60, as in all other bikes I've serviced over the years (or cars, for that matter...same juice for all ).
    Still the first set of twin-electrode plugs.

    Fuel consumption:
    Unchanged from new, 5.0-5.2l/100km...when loaded with panniers/topbox and camping gear running at a fair clip that figure raises to about 5.5/ 5.8l/100km, never exceeding 6l/100km when continuously "kicked in the guts" for hour after hour.

    Best features:
    It's the archetypal "jack-of-all-trades", good fun in the twisties and way more nimble than what people expect from the looks. Great 2-up, good long-distance, excellent tourer, superb lugger of "what one needs on a long ride".
    Very capable curb-hopper, not too shabby at all on dirt roads (NO, it ain't a MXer)....and at an instant changing into a well-controllable bike for scaring the crap outta the sporties in the tight/ twisty stuff....20 minutes later making some gnarly/broken/rough asphalt turn into gentle ripples forgotten in an instant.
    A well-behaved, user-friendly engine one minute...wolf in sheep's clothing the next. Even after nearly 40.000km, the thing still turns me on, the grins as wide as on the first day, every ride another little discovery, another shot of excitement.
    Bullshit, right?? :grin: :grin: Take one for a spin :wink:

    Worst points:
    The screen is still useless (and I'm on my 4th by now), the buffeting a real hassle at around the 120-140 mark...after that things get quite again.

    For the sake of the rest of it, I'll gladly pay that price (and keep fiddling with other designs).
    Not to forget, that this doesn't sem to affect EVERYONE who's got a Strom, many are happy with the OEM-screens.

    Look at it and bag it....and miss out on the ugliest duckling with the biggest heart of gold on the showroom floor.

    From '02-'06 the changes under the skin have been ridiculously minimal, it was real good in the first place. Colour-schemes have always been iffy, the coating of the frame too thin in the areas around the footrests, looking scuffed and worn after only a short time of use.

    Apart from that, everything else is holding up very well, not a single bit has come apart/ fell off/ quit working etc etc.

    Having the chance of riding different bikes semi-regularly and often taking advantage of it, there've been many occasions to compare other bikes with the Strom...sometimes nekkids/sports-tourers/cruiser-style/ other "chookies" like CapoNord/Tiger/BMW GS1150/MultiStrada etc etc ....but to me none of them offered all the good points in ONE package as the Strom does....and that 4 years after the Strom hit the market.

    Tons of it, most o/s, either Europe or US.
    Many aftermarket items, you want it...and it's highly likely you'll find it via google.
    Huge ownergroups via Yahoo for the 650 and 1000 Stroms.

    Buy again?

    'ken oath !!!
  2. Good review Pete. Thanks for posting - this is the stuff the mags won't tell you.

    I put 30,00k on a Yammie TDM - similar all-purpose bike and a helluva lot of fun. Would scratch race around the twisties with the sport bikes, do long distance tours and commute equally well.
  3. Always found that the hard part....to find out how things stack up once the "gloss-is-off, the new-bike blinkers are gone". Mags have a quick-whizz on the bikes....NEXT !!
    That's how I bought the Bandit12...on reputation and a quick-spin alone, to find out 20.000km later, that I just didn't like it.
    Good bike, no probs, no regrets in that respect....just booooring, not much fun in the twisties...not much FUN, period....just too bland in too many areas. Finally put me off 4-pots, too (inline-4s, that is...).

    THAT'S one of the key fun-factors :grin:
    The faces of a bunch of sporties-punters sinking sweat-soaked to the ground after a stint in the twisties....and there's the "flying couch" right in the middle of it, rearing to go for more....priceless!! :LOL: :LOL:

    The chookie carries the slab-of-grog, provides the dink into town after a day on the road, only leaves a cloud of dust through the roadworks and on those 6km dirt to the lookout...

    Seems that the idea is finally catching on, saw lots of BM-GS's and other chookies through the Snowies last week.