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Suzi TL1000S

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by FZRSpock, May 19, 2006.

  1. Anyone got any opinions on these steeds? I've heard dodgy things about the rear suspension but i'd like to hear from someone who actually rides/owns one as it seems like a bit of a media beat up from what I've read. I'm tossing up between one of these and a yam trx850. got the v-twin bug for sure. thanx.

  2. I havent had a ride on one but I have read/heard a bit about them.. Yes the rotary shock didnt work out apparently not that bad its just your cant replace it with anything better.

    Biggest problem is the engine puts out too much power for the chassis to handle which can cause big head shakes. From what Ive read its just like any other bike.. If you treat her well and know its weakness you will be fine..

    Check out the TL users forums, they will be a great source of info

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  4. The TL1000s is on my list of bikes I'd like to own one day. Yeah there are bad reviews of the rear suspension, but for the sort of riding that I'd do on it it wouldn't really matter. I've also read good reviews that say the bike was just misunderstood, and really that there are no serious flaws.

    I want an earlier one just because it's the only way to get that killer engine (it was detuned in later versions, and the TL-R has just never done it for me). The suspension can be improved upon if you must. I wouldn't rate many twins as true muscle machines, but these things definitely are!

    The trx is also a great bike, and can do most things well. They have a bit of a cult following, because of this. It's not a v-twin, but with its 180 degree crank firing order, it behaves, and sounds (more importantly to some!) just like one. My mate has one and swears he'll never get rid of it. They won Two Wheels bike of the year in 1996, mostly for the grin factor I reckon. They have good torque down low, and sound wicked with loud pipes (well, both of these bikes do actually).

    The trx's are getting a little old now, and most will need a suspension freshen up if they haven't had one already. Many have done a lot of km's, just because they're so rideable I guess. They can be had for fairly little money, partly to do with milage, their age, their low price when new, and there are also grey import trx's being sold alongside them for cheaper.

    You can't really go wrong with either bike, but the trx would be lot easier to live with on a daily basis.
  5. Or get a Firestorm :D
  6. I have spent a little bit of time on a TLR and yes they do say that the rear suspesion is shit , the one I rode was fine , they can do a replacement set up , not sure what but I have seen it done .

    they are a big bike , but then they have a huge amount of power , they go really well and a from what I saw very realiable .
  7. thanks for the replies - very helpful.
    thing with the vtr is whenever i look in the classifieds mags every fookin 2nd bike for sale is a firestorm! Too common, and a bit too pricey for me too. Sorry, but sometimes you just don't want a certain bike for no obvious reason. A mate has a vtr and loves it, although it does have a bit of drinking problem.
    i test rode a tl1000s today and its a beast of a bike - unfortunately this one had a flat spot around 3-5K revs which took the shine off an otherwise immaculate bike. Its cheap though, and the sound is gorgeous.
    Damn it this is hard....
  8. Go the firestorm. Not that I'm biased much.... ;-)

    BTW, ever wondered why you see so many of them around?

  9. Definately go a tls, just be cautious of the issues when looking to buy, etc.
    TRX850 are slow, especially compared to an tl-s.
    My fave sounding twin would just about be the TL model engines they sound so smooth.