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Suzi GSX1400 vs Yammie XJR1300 vs Kwaka ZRX1200

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Val01, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. HI Guy's,
    I am looking to upgrade from the 250, I am tossing up between the above, I guess from what I've read the Suzuki Looks the better Bike.
    I am after your expert opinion & Advice on the three bikes & Pro's & Con's for all.
    Your knowledge is much appreciated, I would love to hear from owners of all three.

    Regards DAVE

  2. The Suzuki is the best selling of the 3.

    The Yamaha is the closest to be a true UJM (it is a UJM after all).

    The Kawasaki has the smoothest, most modern motor and marginally the best handling (also the hardest seat although none of the three are uncomfy).

    I owned a ZRX1200R and sold it because I found the motor a bit smooth and uninvolving and characterless.

    A friend had an XJR1300 and they are nice bikes but feel very dated.

    The GSX1400 also feels 'older' but in a nicer way than the XJR.

    Don't ignore the run out Bandit 1200's that are around at the moment either if you are looking at those other 3 air cooled bikes, the Bandit 1200 is as good as any of the above, in fact I bought one to replace the ZRX1200R :)
  3. Bugger that lot of twin-shocked retro fashion boats, get a Hornet 900. Plenty of power - they don't have the out and out grunt of the big-bores, but they're lighter and they handle better while maintaining the comfort.

    The hooligan's express.
  4. :WStupid:

    Can't go wrong with the Hornet.

    {Just watch out for wombats :wink:}.
  5. FWIW, I just like the look of the XJR - naked, with Ohlins shock and solid colour scheme.

    It is the only one of your choices that I have ridden, and no complaints :cool:

    Have a decent test ride on each one and see which one feels best for you.
  6. I like the "older" look of the XJR but it would have to be black. The Suzi is a nice bike too and a little more modern looking but I think the kwaka looks boring. Most likely a nice ride also but boring.

    This doesnt help does it?? :grin:
  7. The only trouble with the Hornet 900 is that the motor has even less 'feel' than the ZRX1200R.

    If you are someone who prefers thier bikes smooth then by all means go for the Hornet 900 though, it's as smooth and light as big nakeds come.

    Personally I prefer a motor I can feeling doing it's stuff but each to thier own :)
  8. The Hornet would be a good choice although the CB1300 would probably be a closer match to the sort of bike you're looking at - and it'd definately be worth having a look at.
  9. I think the logical solution is to buy the bike that gives you the biggest wood!
    It's a bike, logic and commonsense should not enter the decision, it should be all about what stirs the soul/senses!

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Funny enough I looked at those 3 bikes too, got the Bandit 1200's well proven engine and of cause the deal where I saved a few thousand on the others.
  11. Regardless of the three that you mention, the CB1300 would be the best overall ride in it's category.

    But in saying that I would personally prefer an XJR1300, old school muscle bike with modern reliability and grunt, fantastic looks.

    There was one at the last track day I was at, and it sure never shamed itself. I like 'em.
  12. Thanks for the comments guy's,
    I appreciate the feedback.
    I'm undecided wether to go for New or Second Hand?
    would a bike in this category have any drama's if it has say 20-30K on the clock?
    I am planning on this bike being a long term ride eg. 5+ years hence the thought that new may be a better option.
    Any way thanks for the response again

  13. Its got to come down to personal choice really, I had been looking at a second hand bike Honda CB1300S as it was a large bike in size and CC.s it was 2 years old had 8000km on it and actually cost a $2000 more than a brand new bandit.

    Like you I looked at all these bikes too, the price of a new cb1300s is around $16000 plus on road.

    I don't know what the ball park figure on the others are but good luck with the choice you make.
  14. The engines are good for hundreds of thousands of ks - jap bike lifespans are far more commonly ended by crashes than engine failure.

    The main issues with a 30,000k bike would be the suspension would start to be getting sloppy - which on twin-shock models is fine - suspension upgrades are cheap for twin shocks. It doesn't even cost that much to sort out a monoshock.

    Otherwise, if it's been maintained well, 30,000k is nothing at all.
  15. Hi,

    I had a ZRX 1200S for about 12000kms. I have never ridden any of the other bikes though. A good friend has a ZRX1200R

    The engine is bullet proof, smooth and has loads of power right across the rev range. I would consider it one of the better engines ever built. the bike doesn't feel heavy to ride and has quite light steering. I found the bike a little heavy for me when trying to get along a bit faster in the twisty stuff, but at up to 8 tenths i found the bike fantastic. The brakes were great but the front end felt a bit soggy to me. I replaced the spring for a little heavier spring and it was much better, cheap to do.

    I sold this bike to buy something a little sportier but would buy a ZRX1200R again.

    It is a quality bike, well built and designed. You won't have any trouble with it and the bike will look like new in many years.

    Good luck, Their are some quite cheap ZRX1200R's for sale new at the moment, i don't think I could find more bike for my money, $11900 +orc in bikesales new.

  16. Thanks again guy's for the review's
    Have enjoyed all the feedback should give me some good stating points when looking at these three

  17. Maybe Skuffy has a boat license then :LOL: cause his gsx certainly doesn't appear to have any handing issues.... well not from what i have seen as it disapears into the distance..... but guess you have probably had a close look when it's in action :p :wink: :LOL:
  18. Buy the Bandit....

    Take a tip, grab a new or run out model bandit 1200.They are the best value for money new bike on the market.Took my K2 1200 Bandit for a run today,after it had been in the garage for the last 10 months,due to me riding my Hayabusa.Boy did i enjoy myself on it.I had forgotten what a great bike it is too ride........The Busa does everything right, but the Bandit has more character to ride while still pulling like a train.cheers
  19. Take a look at the Hornet.. But if those are the 3 you want to choose from then as much i love a Kwaka. That bloody GSX1400 is one pure grunt machine which would be my choice.. :twisted:
  20. just out of interest is there any bike in the same kind of category as these but as as v-twin? I know there's the MT-01, but that's a fair bit larger displacement...