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suzi GS500F any good ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by tinkerbike, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. my kwaka will be sold asap, its spent 10 of the last 12 weeks not going or in the shop.
    i dont know if its a lemon or if ive killed it, but enough is enough.
    so im looking for a bike,
    i went into suzuki and they have the GS500F
    without fearing $8,700,with $9,700 , oh and $1,000 off if bought b4 end of month(lol)
    about $10,000 is the figure in my head i thought i'd spend.

    any advice??
  2. They're selling pretty well but that's about all I know.
  3. $9,700 it is then .. always fear a suzi :) :)

    What year is it? How many km's? Does it have a service book, with regular service's? Quite often it's good to grab the rego and ring the mechanic or dealer that did the last few services (if it's not the dealer selling it) and see if they'll tell you about it's service history.
  4. Don't let the new paint and plastics fool you, the GS500 is basically a 10 year old bike. There is nothing really wrong with them, it's just that things have moved on in the budget world.

    See how much you can get a Suzuki SV650 for + also have a look at a Kwacky Z750 (available 11k on-road). Both are in a different league to the old GS500 but then again you get what ya pay for.
  5. I think he means new Mouth.
  6. We probably wants the GS500 because it's LAMS legal.
  7. Just what I was about to say.

    If you like the idea of a twin, a used SV650 would give you more smiles (darn sight prettier too).

    It depends what sort of bike you're after.
  8. Ooops. I forgot that Suzi new prices are around the same as good quality Honda 2nd hand prices ;)
  9. Damn laws, confusing as hell. Sooo pleased I am (quite literally) past it!

    Sod it, get the SV and stick GS badges on it. :LOL:
  10. My previous bike was a GS500, 2002 model owned from new.

    They are a good bike and are bullet proof, great bike if you are on your L/P's. You may get board with it, I know I did and upgraged as soon as I got my full license.
  11. Eligible Motorcycles in the category 0-260ml:

    All models with the exception of:
    Suzuki RGV250
    Kawasaki KR250 (KR-1 and KR1s models)
    Honda NSR250
    Yamaha TZR250
    Aprila RS250

    Great, all the best ones then :cry:
  12. yeah im right to ride any bike
    but i think nova touched on it, cheap!
    i test rode it tues arvo although it was peak hour i still found a good road and i can see why its learner legal.
    a snall took me on the inside
    all the boys at work say honda's r the go and ive seen them cbr's gettin around, what do you guys think of them(CBR'S)prob the 600
    also how do they go second hand
  13. yo tinkerbike your in newcastle like me! hope to see you around!!

    i'm still on learners so got no experience other than my cb250 but i've seen alotta cbr600's around and they look awesome! if i could.......that'd be the one!
  14. As much of a pedestrian as i am for big bike riding experience (ok, i think i can count 500+cc riding experiences on less than 1 hand - yep definitely), i've had an eye for the 1995-1998 Fireblade's. They seem to be cropping up for between $6-9k and 'appear' to be in good condition.

    That said, i've never done anthing more than sat on one and made zoom zoom noises. ;)
  15. yeah koma ill try the bike with man made noises lol
    then ill try the real thing, hope tell you the results soon
    livingst will have to catch up for a ride sometime, i live at the end of the industrial hwy
    always lookin for a ride ive only got the 250 zzr
  16. Would it not be brand new at that price with the option of being faired or naked?
  17. Are these learner legal under the LAM's law as he's in NSW but doesn't state licence category
  18. WooHoo another Honda Night Hawk rider! Welcome to the elite group livingstonest!
  19. When you wake up from your koma go & ride the thing you're talking about!