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(Sutherland shire) 250RR owner to show me the ropes

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by fitryder, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Hey all!

    As im sure alot of you people do, i love my bike and really want to look after it but im really not that good when it comes to mechanics.

    A few months ago i noticed an add in some paper about this basic bike mechanics course in Jannali but i didnt have a bike or time to do it then. However i would really like to do something like that now!

    The other thing i would like to do/prefer is to meet up with someone and get them to show me the ropes.

    Now i know someone of this stuff maybe be second nature to alot of you buy things like changing the oil and oil filter, checking/cleaning the plugs and such is something that i have never done and would really like to learn to do properly.

    I live in the shire but more then happy to travel and of course pay for oil and such.

  2. I'd be happy to do the course at Janalli with you mate... last time i looked they were all booked out though.

    I think i said in another post to look up the workshop manual, it's a really good resource to learn from! There's a thread somewhere on NR that has links to some for download.


    here's the post...

  3. hey bud, thanks for the link and info.

    Ya i have the service manual, looking for the owners manual tho. Something a little less technical.

    But if you notice that course again then give us a yell and ill do the same.

    Would be good to get some peeps from here doing it together.

  4. I wouldnt mind taking up one of these courses but at the moment Im very short in cash and time. Still if you guys do manage to find a time let me know and I might join up with you guys.
  5. I did that jannali course over 2 weekends.

    I thought it was great. Learnt alot of mechanics bout bikes. Also if you have any problems with yours the whole group can go bout helping.

    Amongst others few things we did were chain and sprockets change, mucking round with the carbs.