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Sutherland NSW Leaner!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Blu101, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. Hi people! Was wondering if there is anyone in the Sutherland (NSW) area that have just gotten their L's or going for it in the next month or so.

    Am looking for someone to get some idea of exactly what is covered on the course as i have no idea, and for easy paced rides with the hope of learning to ride better rather than fast. Or if there is experienced riders that don't mind helping a noob that would also be greatly appreciated.

  2. I'm in Caringbah, PM me if you want to meet up.

    I'm not too experiened but i reckon i can pass on some information.
  3. hey mate, i just passed my course yesterday so i guess im fit for the question :)

    If its the pre-learner your talking about:

    Its an introduction to motorbikes in general, based on targetting people who have never riden a motorbike before, so they can learn to ride.

    For the first day you only have the bikes on 50% of the time, you start off learning how to mount / dismount properly, all the correct safety gear and how it works, how to walk the bike around, and the "ready" position as if your at lights and about to take off. After that you have a break, come back and this time you will turn on the bikes and practice riding the clutch to get the bike to move, no throttle involved. just get to the tension point where the clutch starts to pull the bike along, ease off the rear brake and roll about a metre, stop, push the bike back, do it again.

    After that you will begin to take off using throttle in first gear, in circles counter clockwise and clockwise (big broad circles). Then do the same circle but practicing shifting 1st > 2nd + 2nd > 1st before and after the turns. They teach you about when to shift, and how you do it.

    The second day begins with a warm up ride as above, quickly followed by slow riding, riding the clutch + brake with a little gas. then you get onto stopping at a point and stopping from a point. you will then do more intricate patterns which involve "mock road" type activities.

    All the while if you remember your head checks and to check your mirrors all the time, and to look through the turn, you will be fine.

    hope that helped some :D

    nake .

    PS. top speed of the course is 25 km/h and 2nd gear
  4. Just to add to that, there's no test in NSW so no one really fails. The worst thing that will happen is you'll fall off badly enough not to be able to finish for the day and they'll get you to come back like a week later.

    Both of which are very unlikely so no need to stress :wink:
  5. Cheers guys. That was exactly what I wanted to know. Sounds pretty simple. Not stressed over it at all, so much so, that I have already purchased all my top to toe gear and placed a deposit on my bike which I will pick up the day after I finish my course. Have been driving cars (I know it is different to riding) for the past 15 years without anything I have cause, have had a couple of small hits that I was unable to get out of but, which is what worries me the most.

    Paul, tired to PM you but am unable to at this stage need to do more posts (6 i think). Have chosen a Hyosung 2009 GT650S (am lucky as only paying '08' price) as they seem to be a good bike for a beginner for the cost and have the limiter in it. If you don't mind taking it easy and pointing out some things i do wrong on rides would be more than willing to catch up. Nake if you are in the Sutherland area we could also catch up.


  6. Hey guys, i was just wondering, is all the test the same for every other centre in NSW?
  7. Hey torque, I believe it is as it's standardised by the RTA.
  8. No test involved in L's in NSW but yeh its all standardised.

    Whereabouts you doing it?
  9. Thanks guys, so worried i might do something stupid.

    I've booked it at the Clyde centre, because it's closer to home.
  10. The course is standarised wherever it is available... and if you live in an area where it is available, you have to do it that way... most major regional centers have this set up, but smaller towns you still just go and do a written test at the RTA, and the same P's test as the good old days...

    For the OP...

    Don't sweat the L's days, there are easy peasy...

    Just go, listen and learn, and a few simple tests on a bike supplied by them and suited someone who has only bicycle experience... and it isn't a test...

    Once you have done your Ls, just post up that you would like to go for a roll through the RNP and you will always get one or two others keen to join in...

  11. Well i will start my course in a little over a day. I will be sure to let you know how i go. My nerves are settling a little more now. Thanks to those that have all said just enjoy the day! Will be out riding very soon.

  12. hey, how did you go?
  13. Well i found the course to be piss easy, would like for it to have been a bit more challenging, so yes passed with flying colors. Found the info that was given to educate me to make choices and the skills taught where good as building blocks and will certainly apply them.

    Do my DKT 0830 this morning and my bike gets delivered at 1000. Decided to get it delivered as i don't feel i am there yet to ride on the busy roads that i would have to, to get home safely. Intend doing a fair bit of riding over the next 3 days, that been said i will be sure to take it easy. If anyone knows an area close by that is nice and quite that would be good.

    Hope to see you guys out there very very soon and get more advise.

  14. well done mate, pop around to homebush on wed nights 6 30 to join other learner riders doing some training
  15. Congrats dude :)

    I'm doing mine at Clyde on the 21st/22nd.. quite nervous actually. Will I be able to control well enough at low speed? with someone pushing me? theres a thread on here that scares me about that. I can almost idle on a bicycle without being unstable but a motorcycle is very different.

    I've already bought my bike, a xvs650 :D classic, burgundy.. shes beautiful. I don't have her yet though, I need to get parking sorted at my unit. I think I'll get her delivered on Monday.

    Funny thing is the day after I put my deposit on, I look out the window at work and what do I see below me? a burgundy classic xvs650 - but with custom pipes. ITs meant to be! :D

    Sucks getting the bike before I can ride though.
  16. Congrats mate,

    Knew you wouldn't have a problem with it. I think the biggest issue that can come of that course is people's nerves and insecurity about their ability to learn something new.

    Look forward to riding with you soon. :wink:
  17. Cheers guys!

    I almost got my bike before getting my L’s but asked them to wait as that would have killed me as well. Seeing it sit there but not being able to ride it, you’re a better man then me for being able to do it.

    I know about that thread which talks about the pushing and I to got a little worried about it because of it. But seriously you get more than enough speed up to maintain balance. I had a kid push me not even 17, he was so small in frame that you could blow him over with a single breath and I weigh in at $1, did it with no problem. You will also get to use your foot to help you get moving as well.

    Don’t let that thread get to you, you will be fine!! Go there ready to listen and learn and you will have a good couple of days. Let us know how you go!!

  18. Hey Paul cheers mate! Am also looking forward to catching up for a ride, will be sure to drop you a PM or call.

    I think u r right about the course. There were five of us and 1 bloke, i feel, was very close to not passing. He was plainly to nervous and kept making mistakes. But in the end he got threw.

    I had a great time! Have very much got the riding bug now, am sitting at home waiting for my bike so i can get to it! Understand just from the course why so many people love to ride bikes, is a great feeling!
  19. Well I now have my learners and bike. Was meant to be dropped off at home however he wasn’t able to do it until late this afternoon. So I bit the bullet not wanting to wait and went and picked it up. I did some riding for about 30 minutes on a quite back street before heading onto the major roads.

    TARGET/ UNNOTICABLE!! I now really know/ understand why riders say that you have a target on you. Twice I was not seen at all, the most amazing thing was by a lady and her child in a pram on a quite back street. She decided to cross without even looking behind her, glad I was watching otherwise I would hate to think what could have happened to her child because she was to lazy to look. I think I did well with the E-Stop but, didn’t skid and stopped with enough room to spare.

    God knows and so do I! I have the riders bug so bad. Love the feeling of been on a bike and am looking forward to the fun times to be had and improving my skills. Well am off again for another run.

  20. Good effort mate, did you head home through the main roads or down the quieter Prez ave? Geez must've been daunting hopping on for the first time ey :twisted: