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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by susyq, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Hi all, having gained enormous quantities of information via the net over the 12 years I have been riding bikes I thought it was time I gave back or contributed when & where I could. I have rebuilt a few bikes in that time, yes I know, it's not really a girl thing but it's my thing. So here goes!

  2. Hi there ,
    welcome from me )
  3. Welcome to Netrider :)
  4. Hello and welcome :)
  5. Hi SusyQ and welcome :)
  6. welcome to NR suzyq, pics of the bike? oh and hang on, you'll see the mad rush and wait for 'the question' lol
  7. hi Suzy, and a warm welcome to the Netrider community :).
  8. Welcome bike building girl...
  9. Welcome to NR, suzy!
  10. Awesome....an experienced girl....hope you don't mind being flooded by questions from newbie girls...I have a thousand questions and only weeks worth of experience....get ready....

    I used to like playing around with cars with my dad but these days I have turned my interests to bikes - much to my parents and husbands dissmay.....
  11. Welcome to NR. (y)
  12. Great "CCR" song is that - susyq.

    Howdy to the mechanically minded chic, nice.
  13. Hi Susy, welcome to NR! It's a blast :)
  14. Have you crashed 48 times ?
  15. because I'm the resident bad boy atm it got to be asked are you hot?
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  16. Thanks heaps for all the welcome messages, they all came in at once as my internet's been very on & off for the past 2 days - Telstra playing with themseves again - I mean playing with the local exchange. As for the questions, no I haven't crashed 48 times, not even once & I am getting passed being 'hot'. I ride a Honda Shadow 600 cruiser & a Suzuki 125 AG bike (registered) & a couple of really old Yamaha AG bikes & a chinese pit bike for the bush. Shed is full of bikes so no room for any more. I'm new to this forum thing so not sure what 'nods' are, oh well I'm sure it will all become clear eventually.
  17. your never to old to be hot just need to light your self on fire if you get to old
  18. Nods are just a way to acknowledge a post if you find it useful/funny/interesting etc.. I think it takes 5 posts before you can nod...