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Sussing out my ZZR250

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by conspiracytheorist, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. Hey all, got my bike on the weekend, 02 kwaka zzr250. Slowly getting used to it, extending my route more and more. Anyways, it redlines at 14K and I'm used to my auto car so have to clue what revs I should be at before shifting up. Trying to listen to the engine, but could someone give me some general idea at what revs I want to be changing at?

  2. I usually shift at about 6-12k RPM on my CBR250 which redlines at 21,000 rpm.
  3. depending if im giving it a squirt or not :)
  4. Wow ok. I think I'm just intimidated by the very loud kwaking yet. Also, since I've been pretty much only buzzing around the few flat streets around me, especially mine, feeling conscious of other people not really liking loud bikes around.
  5. Depends on how hard you want to ride it.

    Generally when it sounds like crap and the power dies, shift it up :). My bike has no tacho so you learn to listen for it, you will get a feel for it really quickly believe me.
  6. no matter how hard you rev it it wont blow up, dam 250's go forever.
  7. Rev the absolute crap out of her. As a general idea, the ZZR doesn't really come on song till about 7-8000 RPM and there's not much point revving her beyond 12k.

    As for volume, my poorly maintained ZZR makes awhole bunch of noise even at idle, but I guarantee your bike isn't as loud as you perceive it to be. Besides - so what if your neighbours can hear you from blocks away, go nuts :LOL:
  8. Hi, i had the same concern when I was riding on my ZZR250 to start with.

    When i am going around normally i will change at about 8-9000rpm (you will notice the changes are a lot smoother, thats where she likes to do business). When i am having a bit of fun i will rev it to about 9-10000 before changing..........anything more than that is just noise, bear in mind the ZZR250 makes peak power around 10000 rpm. As far as noise goes, yes, they are a noisey gadget, but most 250's are the same.

  9. It actually makes peak power around 12.500rpm from memory. But yeah change up when you feel comfortable. As long as the bike is not labouring/straining (shudder when accelerating due to low speed and high gear or revving its head off from being at too high a speed in to low a gear) then it should be sweet. Therefore depending on the type of roads you are riding on, your changes could be occuring anywhere between 4-5000, 8-9000 or 11-12000. There really isn't one simple answer.
  10. Wow ok, that totally explains why I haven't gone faster than about 45km/h :)

    I'll give her a good revv and let u know how it goes.
  11. Woke up with the sun this morning at about 5:30. It started to lightly spit as I was walking to my bike, so I was very irritated but decided I'd get out there and see how I went.

    Revved alot harder, up to about 8-9K, really found where the power is! But still trying to get used to actually going faster than 50, seems so unnatural...
  12. Cool, 8-9K is a good place to sit. I find if the revs drop below 7 I need to change down.

    Your bike and engine are basically bullet proof, so don't worry about breaking it. Have fun with it. Its a great bike to learn on.
  13. :LOL: It does doesnt it? My first ride was with my N.Z mate - or should i say "BRO", he took me straight onto the Freeway and i sat on 80kms like this :shock: ! A truck over took me and i freaked out.. "why is this pressure on my helmet? wooooooah why am i getting blown around so muuuuucccch" I pulled up after i got out of the tunnel and wanted to get a tow truck to take my bike home because i thought 80kms was FAST and there was NO WAY i was riding home! LOL..
    He convinced me i should try doing the actual speed limit and then trucks wouldnt pass me as much - and that was all i needed, just someone there with me as a confidence boost.. have you got any mates with bikes?
  14. It's kind of odd to me, at speeds <60km/h things seem faster on the bike, but at >80km/h things seem slower on the bike (compared to the car). Come to think of it, that's probably down to the environment rather than the speed. At lower speeds I'd be in attention-sucking traffic environments, at higher speeds I'd be on an open highway.

    And I went through (well, am still going through :) ) the same concerns about revs. I can happily accept that the bike likes high revs now, but I'm still worried about annoying people in residential areas. But typically you can take it easy in residential areas, so I amble along at 4-5k rpm at those times.

    I also found ear-plugs made me much more willing to let the revs climb, in a solipsistic if-I-can't-hear-it-no-one-can kind of way :LOL:
  15. Just wait till you start going faster and its the other way around, speeds under 50 seem odd and speeds 100+(sometimes 200+ :eek: ) seem normal. thats when you gotta start worrying ;)

    if im just cruising along, i tend to change gears pretty low in the revs, but not low enough to cause shudders. if im giving it a squirt, i tend to change when this little white light brightens up my visor ;)

    and as with what haggie said, i used to ride a virago (also no tacho) and i would just shift up when the power died out. you will learn the rev range after enough riding without even looking at your gauges. i can comfortably shift down into the right gear after a tight corner without even looking at my speed. it will all come in time.

    Cantride - my TZR250 had the camsahft bearings (i think?, some sort of bearing) crushed and almost blown out the side of the bike after having it in 6th gear at 12,000RPM for just a little too long.
  16. Another zzr250 rider here!

    Beefcake seems to ride similarly to myself in respect to shifting. Upshifting at 7-8k in normal conditions and 9-11k when having a bit of fun! But you'll figure this out for yourself with more riding.. just like everything else.

    Just ride. You'll adapt to the speed, find the best revs for shifting, start getting right over into corners, become more aware in traffic etc. Take things at your own pace and enjoy the learning experience!

    Hope you're enjoying the zzr as much as I am; great little bike I reckon. Still, I'm desperate to get off my frikkin restrictions and onto a SV650s!!
  18. anything before red is meant to be safe for your engine, however engines wear so the closer you get to the red the faster you will wear parts.

    then there is the fun issue, the higher the revs go, the wider the grin will get on your face :grin:

    stay safe dood
  19. i also have a zzr, and i've found changing around 8 or 9 works very well. Anything over and i notice my changes become rough and yuck ( no doubt due to my inexperience). when the engine gets to that LOUD point and it's not feeling as cruisy and smooth i figure it's time to change.
    it goes along fine enough down around 6 or 7 for more open areas, but for in traffic i find it's good to stay in the 8 or 9 mark - feels safer as you've got readily available power on hand.

    i don't often go over this mark except for once and WOW what a suprise!!

    overtaking on an incline to get out from behind a truck, i opened the throttle and realised i must have been down in 4th or 5th as the needle shot over 10. that opened my eyes. definately fun, shockingly loud. the little zzr sounds as though it wants to explode.
  20. Yeah, i've got a zx2r and love it, only been riding for a month now. I was a bit iffy on the revs to start with (redlines at 19k (4cyl)) I've only got upto 15 or so and sounds like it's killing it, so I rarely go above 12K.

    On the freeway at 120 it sit's nicely on 8 - 9K in 6th. Though up a hill I'll shift to 5th and rev at about 10k or so.

    In the city though I sit at around 6 but if I need a quick squirt I'll bump down a gear when required. I probably sit in 4th when just crusing at 60, but if I'm in peak hour (every day) I some times hover in 3rd @ 50km/h so I can zip around really easy.

    In summary though as long as you don't over rev, and you have power when you need it then there's no real need to rev the guts out of it. Well, that's my 2 cents anyway.