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Suspicious private sale, need advice

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Kinjo695, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. I went to look at a 2011 fireblade for sale today listed on gumtree and took a photo of the vin number for later research.

    Just now looked at the photo and saw the model number is listed as cbr1000rr 8

    From what I can tell on google this means it's a 2008 blade.

    Haven't put this to the seller yet but would this be cause for alarm.

    I am not to bothered as it's a nice bike but I have other options I think.

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  2. Did you used a reputable method to decode the VIN ( eg. iREGO - Free VIN Decoder Australia ) ? If its indeed advertised with the wrong year, then I'd let the seller know first (perhaps it's genuine - they were tricked when they brought it?) and/or gumtree.
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  3. I was just looking at the VIN label which said "HONDA CBR1000RR8" above the VIN
    I ran the VIN on that site your linked and it said 2011

    Can someone help explain this?
    if it is a 2011 shouldn't it say HONDA CBR1000RRB
    It is definitely a 8 and not a B I triple checked.
  4. The year is in the vin, whatever the vin check says it is that's correct
  5. if it's regoed, check the plate too
  6. But should I not be sus about the model number being that of an 08

    Even if it's not likely stolen if there is any indication the frame might have been replaced then that is enough for me to want to either forget it or bargain.
  7. Where did you read that an RR8 is 2008 build year only? Was it authoritative? More so than a VIN?
  8. were you looking at the one in Punchbowl? it definitely says RR8.. and the VIN was issued 6/11 (and 10th digit is B = 2011 manufacturing year)

    the approval number of the plate, 39337, refers to RR8, and was issued in December 2008
    that doc also gives an example VIN of JH2SC59U29K100001 where the 10th digit "9" makes it a 2009
    makes sense to get approval for 2009 model at end of 2008...
    also makes sense that same compliance approval is used until a substantially new model is introduced

    what is 10th digit of the VIN? 8, 9, A or B?
  9. Picture attached (masked the last 3 digits just out of respect for the seller)
    (no not the one in Punchbowl)

    the 10th digit is B as you can see so in the VIN yes it is 2011 however you can see on the label the compliance approval or whatever seems to say 1000RR8 on the label

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    those 2 plates are pretty much identical, except yours is 8/11 dated and first stamped numbers are 1BK, vs 6/11 and 5BK for the Punchy one
    1 and 5 are 9th digit = check digit, so it doesn7t have any meaning for the model.

    would be pretty weird if 2 totally different bikes had similarly dodgy plates?

    2013 "rr8" was listed at Manheim auctions. VIN checks out as 2013 (D)

    thinking it could just be a peculiarity of the compliance plate process?
  11. Sorry I am not really sure what you are getting at, you might have to spell it out for me :p as in are you saying it's unlikely that either of this or the punchbowl one are dodgy or it is likely they are

    I was just curious why above the VIN is says HONDA CBR1000RR8 instead of CBR1000RRB which so far seems nobody has been able to explain
  12. I think not dodgy because the RR8 refers to the vehicle compliance, NOT the manufactured year

    I found more compliance approval documents for you

    12th March 2008 , Model : CBR1000RR8, example VIN JH2SC59U28M000001 ie 2008 model
    10th December 2008 , Model : CBR1000RR8, example VIN JH2SC59U29K100001 ie 2009 model
    7th August 2009 , Model : CBR1000RR8, example VIN JH2SC59U3AK200001 ie 2010 model
    15th August 2011, Model : CBR1000RR8, example VIN JH2SC59U2CK400001 ie 2012 model

    all are referred to in the compliance documents as CBR1000RR8, which is what it says on the actual plates on the bikes
    all refer to approval 39337, which I assume is cos they are just "extending" their compliance, rather than a whole new approval?

    so.. not dodgy at all :)
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  13. ok good to know

    thanks :)
  14. even better reference :)

    for 08, 09, 10, 11, 12 and 14?
    Road Vehicle Descriptor (RVD3)

    for 05-07 models (maybe?) http://rvcs-prodweb.dot.gov.au/pls/...ails?sCertID=32052&sMakeModel=HONDA+CBR1000RR
    then they just called it an RR, with no number

    so basically... they just continued the approval from 08 onwards to at least 14, so all those years will have RR8 on compliance plate
  15. mistakes happen with regos. I bought a new Honda in Qld and relocated to Sydney. in so doing I had to get an enineers blue slip inspection - he recorded the wrong VIN and it was 8 years before a rego inspection picked up the error!
  16. The compliance plate is Australia specific so therefore must be added sometime after manufacture - most likely at the distribution point. Pre-printed plates would be supplied and the rest VIN engraved. The part of engraved VIN also includes year of manufacture which is correct "1" = 2011.

    My money is on the fact they either had a stack CBR1000R8 pre-printed plates first produced in 2008 ( ie the RR 8 . For the sales volumes in Australia it would not make economic sense to ditch these and reprint some more in 2009 with CBR1000RR9, and then again in 2010 with CBR1000RRA etc OR the supplier of the pre-printed plates has been lazy and not changed their printing die.
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    the actual compliance documents (linked above) specify "RR8" for all models between 2008 and 2014 (at least). that was Hondas choice to do so.

    plates are regularly printed, have the month/year of printing on each one, and are regularly custom printed for things like private imports.
    with what they charge per plate (I think there is only 1 plate printer? and they charge(d me) around $100 for the privilege) no need to bulk print for 6 years worth of bikes up front...
  18. More importantly the 17 digit VIN number should be stamped somewhere on the frame of the motorcycle. This should match the VIN on the compliance plate.
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  19. Lost my money!
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  20. And not to mention all the 08 blades had black frames.....
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