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Suspicious ebay transaction, need advice

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vvp, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. I recently sold my bike on ebay for a good price. The buyer got in touch with me immediately after the auction end and pre-paid for the bike, all listed accessories and shipping the same day without even trying to negotiate on the price. He didn’t ask for an independent confirmation of the condition of the bike, never asked me to send photocopies of rego, prof of ownership or anything. He asked to ship the bike to Darwin.

    I am a bit suspicious of the circumstances. Other things that trouble me are:
    1. There was absolutely no contact before the auction end, no attempt to negotiate or ascertain the condition of the bike.
    2. The user name appears to have been created specifically to bid on the bike. There is no history of transactions.
    3. I can’t find anyone by the name I was given in the white pages.
    4. I was preparing to ship the bike and had to ask him for a contact number. Prior to this email he responded almost immediately to emails. After I asked for a phone number, I haven’t heard from him in four days.

    On the other hand I can see the funds in my account, the type of transaction is listed as a cash deposit and they don’t seem to be locked as would be the case if the deposit had been made with a check.

    I have googled around and found out about this scam:

    Anybody heard anything about this type of thing happening before? Am I just getting paranoid in my old age or is there something to worry about here? The main difference to the above links is that the shipping address is domestic.

    I was going to ask him for a photocopy of his drivers license and a copy of a recent bill on Monday. I will also check with my bank to find out about the type of transaction involved in the funds transfer. Any other things I should check?

    Apologies for a long post.

  2. vvp,

    On one hand, you think Wooo HOOO!!! But then again it does smell a little fishy doesnt it.

    Maybe you should let Ebay know and ask them what they recommend??? They might say give him 14 days then forget him. I mean, if he deposited cash into your account then he cant exactly take it back can he??? The only problem is that you dont want him complaining to Ebay in 6 months time saying that you never sent the bike.

    So yeah i'd try him again, give it till then end of next week then contact ebay and tell them everything.
  3. That's the best thing to do. Make sure that the "deposit" is indeed a legitimate one. If it was a cash transfer to your account, then you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

    Do you have a phone number? Or a mobile number. I have a Phonedisc here and I can look it up, if it's in the disc's database. You can PM me the info if you wish.
  4. Firstly what sort of bike, was it a rare model - was it sold for about market value?

    Being from Darwin their choice of second hand bikes would be restricted. Some people earn good money up there and not much else to spend it on so they buy a few nice toys

    If the funds are "cleared" then you are fine.

    Just make sure you are aware of any Direct Debits in place with your account - ask your bank to make sure no new ones have been created.

    And for peace of mind, great idea to ask him for the licence, you would need it for the transfer papers anyway should he get any fines.

    The scams you listed were from overseas buyers and were requesting transfer of surplus funds - I'd say he just wanted your bike and was happy to pay the price. Not everyone is after a bargain - to some their time is worth more to them.
  5. This is one of the things that trouble me at this point. He gave me his name and address, but as soon as I asked him to give me a phone number he disappeared. Is there any independent way to check the address?
  6. That is one vital point I missed :oops:

    Plenty of people don't have their address listed

    Another assurance would be to check with your bank to see where the deposit was made.
  7. I have a suspicion someone might be trying to use your goods/account to launder some money???

    Contact eBay, I agree with the others.....
  8. The electoral role would be the easiest way to confirm the buyer's name and address.

    Make sure you complete all the transfer paperwork and to avoid getting into trouble regarding whatever the buyer intends to do with it.
  9. I know a guy who used to live in Darwin and was an engineer on a trawler. He made around $1500 a week, and would buy whatever he wanted whenever he wanted..can't spend money if you are on a boat. He lived on teh boat, no phone, no address, just a PO box.
    If you have the money, just give him a few days to contact you, he may be fishing, in a mine or whatever.
    And I agree with contacting your bank and asking them to keep an eye on your account, just to be sure.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. if you want pm me the details and i have friends in certain places who can get a phone no if the details a true..
  11. Happened to me when I was selling the MX5.

    All too good to be true and it was.

    He eventually went away after I started to annoy him with a heap of Q's
  12. Umm this is a hard one.

    That they are in Australia, and have deposited the funds, makes me think that it really isn't too much of a scam.

    All the other cases you have referred to have been international buyers where the overseas person has paid and goods have left when the dollars hadn't cleared.

    On the other hand. There are a number of things to do.

    - Check with your bank that the funds have cleared and that they are in your account.

    - If it was paypal/paymate, then check with them as to the details of the transaction. Paymate in particular very helpful. If you want contact details for Paymate, I have them some where.

    - Print copies of everything. Unfortunately, if all of this turns to shit for you, you will need printed copies of things. Digital fraud is very tricky and printed stuff is the way to go. Make sure you keep records of the transaction, the correspondance, and everything else you do in relation to making phone calls, speaking with banks, authorities etc etc.

    At the end of the day, make sure you are covering your arse, and you are happy to release the goods.

    Your local police may be able to assit you further.

    If you can give more information as to your location, that will make it easier for us to assit you furhter.

    Are you shipping it within the same state, or interstate/overseas?


  13. Are you saying the guy deposited $$ as well and eventually went away? if so, WOOT! :grin:
  14. I couldn't be bothered reading past "he paid for it"!!!

    So...... Go to the bank withdraw the money and then ship the bike.... whats wrong with you? Do you care where he got the money from???? If he is laundering money... good luck to him.... who buys a bike to launder money?????????????..... what a crack up.... unless its something very very rare.

    If the bank hands you the money over the counter then consider the money laundered and you free from any responsibility.
  15. Thanks a lot for ideas guys.

    I haven't ruled out that he just has a lot of cash, is keen on the bike and is maybe out for the weekend. But dream buyers like this are probably more scarce than scamsters. I guess I will wait and see if he comes back with a number. Can't ship it until he gives me one anyways.

    The bike is not rare, it's an 05 r6 with very low kms and about 1000 worth of accessories (carbon pipe, braided lines, solo seat and some billet and carbon stuff). He paid around 13050 altogether with shipping from Brisbane to Darwin.
  16. The problem is that if it was paid with a fake check or bank draft, I will be liable for the loss to the bank.
  17. You have the money, don't stress. Contact him saying the shipping Co won't take the bike without a contact number at the other end and leave the ball in his court. Then go spend the money on your new bike :grin:
  18. Go take the money out... Once the bank clears the cheque it is their responsibility in relation to the fraud side of it... Not yours... you think a bike shop is responsible if someone pays for a bike with stolen cash???
  19. You can't access the electoral rolls unless you're in the state concerned!
  20. Send me the address and I'll look his number up. If it's listed, that is.