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Suspicious Ebay Listing

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by lunatic_luke, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. I can see the steam rising off it :)
  2. You think it's warm, and not just the pipe? ;)
  3. I'd be suprised if the bike even exists
  4. bad resale on those Hondas :LOL:
  5. Just reading the add, I can feel my fingers burning. :shock:
  6. mmm there is something very suspect about that ebay listing.... there is something about it...
  7. I assume our excellent and tireless police force is too busy to follow this up.

    It might not be stolen, could be some other sort of scam.
  8. or a pissed of spouse... it's happened before
  9. Looking at the tyres it has been used fairly hard somewhere.
  10. If it was would the listing be for 28 days?

    I'm sure seeing there are no rego plates on it that the VIN may be a little scratch off... totally by accident. :)
  11. Ahhhh just buy it. Thieves have families too.
  12. I've heard of similar things being done by a pissed off (ex) GF or mum or some such. One included the GF putting the guys entire collection of rare vinyl and other music collectables on the nature strip with a sign saying "please take" !!

    I would hope that if it was stolen that they would at least sell it as parts or ask a decent price !!!
  13. maybe they're just really rich nad want to "give" something back... ???
  14. Brand new superbikes, and occasionally harleys for $5000 have been coming up regularly all this year on Ebay.

    I can't believe how brazen these guys are in running a scam, or selling stolen bikes, whichever it may be. I don't know how they think they're going to keep getting away with it. They're either really dumb or really brilliant.
  15. Don't ever think we're safe from scams in Oz. A lot of bank checques are used in ebay scams and the tradeing post, they are about so be careful buying/selling.

    One such scam in the USA useing ebay is they send you a bank cheque for say $11,000 for a 10,000 advertised motor bike. They tell you they will send a transport company around to pick up the bike and ask you to write a cheque for the balance to the courier.

    So you have thier bank cheque for $11,000, the courier cost $300 and you write a cheque out for $700 being the balance to the courier. They take your bike and cash your $700 imediately while your $11,000 cheque bounces.

    We do have patch clubs that run scams through the tradeing post ect here in Oz, but they only target the upper end of the market around $80,000+ vehicles. They may end up takeing honour money instead of killing your family.
  16. Oh is the fact that the seller is a new member

    :LOL: all the pics are of the right side. The only left side pic has "But It Now"
    Think I burnt my cornea reading that. :roll:

    Im going to take the pissed of spouse option :LOL: :LOL:
  17. Im with scumbag those tyres have had the odd day on the track :grin: so maybe a hotty used only on the weekend at the track :shock:
  18. yep and te house its parked outside of looks like it belongs in hysteria lane on desperate home whores... nup I vote one shinanigans...
  19. The best scam has to be some bloke going around test riding bikes and not coming back. As part of an insurance - the guy leaves his dog companion behind.

    True story! This appeared in the Age not so long ago.