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Suspension Workshops in Melbourne - Recommendations?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by [FLUX], Mar 25, 2006.

  1. Am looking to respring, revalve and reshim the forks and rear shock of the bike, using either K-Tech, Race-Tech, or Öhlins springs/internals. Strong leaning preference to either Öhlins or K-Tech first, Race-Tech second choice.

    Rang around a bit, and it seems that the R1's rear shock body and piston are perfectly fine, even for fairly serious race-track use, so am not after going to the expense of putting a whole new shock on the rear, especially not on a 6yo bike.

    Rang Phil Tainton Engineering, but no answer, left a message, didn't call me back.

    Rang KroozTune, got to speak to the owner, Dave, and he was most helpful and gave me most of the advice I was after, including being practical without trying to sell me more than I wanted or needed. In terms of having someone to talk to, I really appreciated his time. Slight problem is that they're moving and cannot do anything for me until about 4 weeks from now.

    Rang ProMecha. Owner was having a few days off, but got to speak to one of the apprentices, who offered some extra bits of info. I must admit to liking the thought of getting the front fork internals totally replaced with the K-Tech high performance cartridge kit. Liked the idea of the rear shock K-Tech internals replacement too.

    Also found Suspensions'R'Us who are located 5kms from me, but it was too late to give them a call.

    Anyone recommend any of the above specifically over another? Of course the actual after-installation setup is also of importance, so which of the above, or anyone else, have people found to be especially helpful, both in terms of initial improvements and with on-going support (i.e. I don't want someone who shoves bikes through the workshop - out the other side - and goodbye mate).

    Any advice? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  2. Give Greg Fairthorne a call at:

    ASR Performance Motorcycles
    Arthurs Seat Road
    Dromana VIC 3936
    Ph: (03) 5981 0165
    Fax: (03) 5981 8465
    Mobile: 04 2753 2931

    for anyone in the S.E. suburbs or on the Peninsula ... great bloke to deal with and knows his stuff. Carries a good range of Ohlins suspension gear plus lots of other stuff at good prices. He did a lot of work on Shannon Johnsons bike setups

    Edit: Added the fax and Mobile numbers ...
  3. Thanks for that BirdRock.

    After ringing around and talking to all who were actually willing to stick a human person at the other end of the line, I've decided to go with Greg from ASR Performance Motorcycles.

    Straight up, from my descrption of my problems, he knew exactly what was going on, suggested all the issues that needed addressing, and what he was suggesting equated to the sum total of everyone else put together.

    As a complete suspension overhaul, what he was saying aligned exactly with my desired goals, including fixing additional niggles I was having.

    Bike is booked in for when he's able to do it, and in less than 3 week's time I'll have the re-suspended bike back in my grubby hands.
  4. Did he give you a quote? A run down of exactly what you're getting done and the associated costs would be awesome. I want to get some suspension work done to my bike but have not yet priced it all. This would give me an indication of what I'll be looking at to do mine.
  5. Some options are slightly open ended, so I wasn't really after a firm quote as much as I was after someone who I thought was doing the best job in terms of what I wanted to achieve.

    Loosely, what I wanted done:

    Springs changed front and rear to suit my weight
    Complete fork cartridge internals overhaul/replacement (compression/rebound valves/pistons as required)
    Rear linkage sections replaced for more ride height and better control
    Rear shock piston, and compression/rebound valves replaced/fitted (same external shock body, but that's about it).

    When I take the bike in, in 15 day's time, I can give you a firm idea of the final price and the work being done.

  6. i second that ,grey is the best he has done work on my last three bikes and i could not be happyer
  7. Well, got the bike back from its work. Took it to ASR.

    Here's what was done to it:


    10.0kg Spring
    Racetech Gold Valve
    Replaced Bladder Cap (allows for easier servicing/maintenance in future)
    Screw Preload Adjuster (replaces stock stepped collar)
    165mm linkage (rear) (replaces stock 170mm rear linkage - adds 30mm to rear ride height)

    9.5kg Springs
    Andreani Fork Internals (compression + rebound valves)
    ELF 5wt oil (front)
    Triple clamp dropped 4mm through forks

    On top of that, just general servicing of the suspension.

    ASR provided a full set of suspension settings (rebound/comp/preload) for use on the road/track, plus an invitation to call Greg at any time I'm at the track to help diagnose and address any suspension setting issues on the fly should I feel the need.

    ASR(Greg) did all the removal/fitting for me. I really need to invest in some race-stands as these save you money in the long run if you're able to pull wheels/forks off yourself.

    Picked the bike up yesterday, which if you live in Melbourne would've been aware of the weather. Clouds rolled in as I was talking to Greg, and I rode home getting hammered on by the rain the whole way, soaking me through totally. Got a track day on Monday at PI, so will get a chance to put the new suspension work through its paces.

    Immediately though, on the ride home even in the heavy rain, the bike was far less jarring over bumps, both front and rear, which was something that I was never able to adjust out of the R1's stock suspension, and felt immensely more planted even when powering on strongly out of the various highway roundabouts between ASR and my home. The rear wheel stuck to the road like glue even despite the adverse conditions. Still, hardly enough of a opportunity to form a real opinion yet, but seems promising at this stage.

    I won't bother quoting the final cost. I find that doing so always causes controversy and bitchy responses. If you're interested in dealing with ASR/Greg, just give them a call, the number is above, and get a quote. I've provided enough detail on the work that was done so anyone can just call Greg and ask for what the deal is.

    Very happy in my experience with ASR/Greg. Can't wait for Monday now.
  8. Good stuff ... look forward to hearing how the package works after your day at P.I. on Monday .. fingers crossed for a dry track for you and everone else down there ... :)