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Suspension workshop in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by OutbreakMonkey, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Hi Boys n Gals,

    I'm looking for a suspension specialist in Melbourne. I usually take my bikes to Krooztune but it's a bit too far out of the way. Looking for somewhere more centrally located.


  2. bike suspension

    Krooz tune apparently have a good rep,although I just looked in yellowpages and cant find them,there used to be Rod Sharp in Ringwood as well but I think he isnt in the game anymore. :(
  3. I haven't tried em yet but , sportbike tyre and suspension had a stand at the 'super' expo tent

    There in Knoxfield 1300793423
    and are agents for Race Tech Suspension etc etc etc
  4. I've heard some good things about Promecha - that's where I'll be going once I can free the funds.

    I think they're sort of claytonish though, not central.
  5. PTR ( Phil Tainton Racing) is in Knox/Wantirna,obviously not central but i thought id give em a plug anyway,its not like PTR doesnt have a good name at all :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Yeah I should add, Promecha are ROAD suspension guys from what I gather, whereas PTR are heavy into racing.
  7. Krooz Tune are still at 3/3 Sherwood Court, Wantirna South (just behind Knox City) Their telephone number is 98012122. They have a good reputation for suspension work
  8. Krooztune did my dirtbike and did a fantastic job. It's just a little too far out of the way for me as I'm over in the north western suburbs.
  9. You give PTR your bike and you get back one that is completely different.

    Those guys work magic.
  10. why cant we get together on weekend or weekday to have a workshop
    sure there is plenty of people on net rider who know what they are doing
  11. I had two bikes re worked by Promecha Peter Clements knows his stuff when it comes to suspension. Guru status.
  12. Suspension setting is easy. I'm talking about suspension rebuilds and revalves. You have to be 'in the know' to be able to suggest a good set of modifications to any given bike's stock setup. Spring weight I can work out, but as to what valving....not a clue.
    I've been recommended C&C Engineering in Thomastown. Anyone had work done by them?
  13. What about Trevor Manley, his business is called SHOCKTECH.
    6/16 Station st Dandenong Ph 97939030
    Trevor has been around since the year dot, been raceing for longer than most & accomplished heaps( Australian Titles ) bloody nice guy as well.
  14. I have heard good things about Shocktech, but again same problem. Good hour or more driving from my place.
  15. Is there a difference
  16. Roughly how long do they take, do you know?

    Am thinking of getting a Level 2 suspension setup for the bike. Wouldn't mind dropping it off one time before my next overseas work trip, and pick it up when I get back.
  17. Welll... $$$$ I think! I've heard Promecha can sort most bikes out for under a grand. It wouldn't be top-quality racing gear, they're not fitting new shocks, just smart use of springs, oils, damping, rebuilding techniques, that sort of thing. Dunno, worth checking out though.
  18. Was just checking out PTR's web-site. They do their Level 1 setup, which is doing pretty much just as you describe, for most bikes at between $800-900. Seems that they do replace some valves as well.
  19. PTR seem very expensive for the 'level' of packages. I know the wholesale prices of the parts required in replacing stock internals with Ohlins and lets just say they're allowing a hell of a lot for labour. I had my dirtbike redone with Ohlins internals and it cost around $600 and the springs and valve pricing doesn't differ much b/w road and offroad.
    Apparently the guy at C&C looks after the Honda race team so he should know a firestorm inside out. I think I'll be going with them.