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Suspension Tuning Melbourne?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Grumply, May 6, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    I've got some fully-adjustable fork cartridge on the way to replace my non-adjustable stock ones.

    So I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a reliable, and reasonably-priced suspension specialist in Melbourne (preferably not to far from Kew)?

    Also, if anyone can give me a rough ballpark figure as to what suspension cartridge install/tuning should cost, that'd also be much appreciated.

  2. Anyone? The new fork cartridges arrived the other day, so I'm keen to get them on the bike.
  3. You could try Izzy @ Suspensions R Us!? Don't know where you are located, (he's out at Devon Meadows - a good hour ride for me alone) but he knows his stuff. [Was a] Tuner for the ASBK (from memory) & rebuilt the whole kit on my old mans Duke for a reasonable price.

    Linky: http://www.suspensionsrus.com.au/
  4. Thanks for that, he's a ways out from me, but I'll give him a call. Don't mind travelling a bit if it means getting things setup properly.
  5. You could also try ASR Suspension in Dromana, I know Flux has had work done there and speaks highly of them.

    Promecha..although I have heard various reports about them

    Krooztune... get a good wrap from people

    SW Racing, did my last bike for me but I think Stew has moved to country vic