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NSW Suspension starting date?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by snuff3r, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. If i get pinged 2 days before my Ps are set to expire do I end up suspended immediately or can I get my license upgraded before the suspension begins?

    I think i got flashed through a fricken safety cam today but my upgrade date is Tuesday. Now im mega paranoid i'm about to get suspended.. or ill upgrade and then the suspension will be backdated.

    You used to be able to wait it out.. then pay the fine before the suspension kicked in.. but i think i read they closed that loophole.

  2. I used that 'loophole' last year on my car license, not sure if it's changed since March last year.

    The fine doesn't come straight away so you'll be right - if the loophole still does work that is.
  3. you havnt got the letter yet so as far as you know, when u fill out the form or get asked that question, u say no
  4. Makes sense, but can they come back and back date the suspension?
  5. fixed it for you.
  6. Thanks all, i'll stop stressing now.

    Stupid safety cameras. Spend more time paying attention to your speedo than the lights themselves. *grumble grumble*
  7. yeah, last thing you want people doing when going through an intersection is taking their eyes off the road to check their speed.
  8. i got flashed by 1 today but it got me head on
  9. I got flashed this morning by a nice pair and that led to morning s##
    oh your all talking about speed cams hey ](*,)

    Sorry my bad :angel:
  10. Bob I was involved in a similar incident to yours but it resulted in a rear ender.
  11. I was involved in one and I wish it had resulted in a rear ender :bannanabutt:
  12. Did you smile at least?

    Snuffer, go get your license, pass go, pay your $200 and ride away as fast as you can.....then giggle like a girl in the helmet.

  13. im still worried about the video they use in the other direction, could still get me, but since i have never lost a point i should get off
  14. Ah congrats!

    I wish I had the resolve (and money) to have bought a bike before the P's ran out. I reckon if I had bought one I would be riding it straight away!

    Well done again. Will we see you out on the twisties this weekend?
  15. I wouldn't recommend it. The dealer got the bike in 2 months early so i had a bike sitting in storage for two months, 200 metres from my house, that was mine and i couldn't ride for two months. The wait was a killer.

    Will be out soon, still trying to come to terms with the power difference between the Hyosung 250 and the D675. The difference is mindblowing, and a little intimidating.
  16. It's all good. I'm past that now. I couldn't have afforded one anyway. VERY jealous of the Daytona!

    Send a PM when you want a ride. I'm always keen for weekend rides and to meet more netiders .
  17. I'll be paying it off for some time. I can't imagine you'd be jealous of the bank loan, hah.

    Now that I have a proper bike i'll definitely get out more. Wasn't quite so motivated with the 250 :]