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suspension setup

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by BalmyBrowny, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. hey all... am having trouble with my zzr250.. ... i'm slowly geetin more confident into and out of courners... ut have found when i can hold good speed into tighter corners that the fron bottoms otu on the fairing... was just wondering if this was normal or can i change the setup to make it a bit stiffer/higher so this doesnt happen????


  2. crank up your preload a little, and perhaps a little bit of compression damping if you have that kind of adjustment.
  3. From memory the ZZR doesn't have that kind of adjustment. Check your fork oil - might be old or low?
  4. ... or non existant!
  5. ok ... stupid question.. how do i find these things??? an how can i check oil in forks???
  6. There's no adjustment available on the front end of a ZZR250.

    The best thing you could do for it would be to take it to Promecha or PTR and get them to look at your forks, they can put in heavier springs and change the oil for different damping qualities.

    That would be expensive however. If you don't wanna spend any money you can just be happy that you've found one of your bike's limits and look forward to upgrading to something that can take your weight and let you keep developing your speed!
  7. yeah not looking at spendng money that i dont need on this bike ... weill save that for a couple years when have bike i really want and will kep for god while.... my trusty lil 250 is my stepping stone to more enjoyable riding... but loving every minute of it so far :) how hard is it to change the oil on my own do ya know??? if its not too hard then maybe i could just try that first and see how it goes...
  8. If you have a bit of time spare & want to learn a bit about suspension for yourself there is no harm in doing a bit of experimenting. By the sounds of things your bike has no real adjustment in regards to spring preload or damping. So to make any changes you have to delve inside them. Get your hands dirty like.
    First off -grab yourself a workshop manual. Invaluable tool those manuals. Lots of interesting info in them. Saves asking people lots of stupid questions -maybe not stupid to you but to others, well you get the picture :wink: .
    Now that you have your manual, read up on how to change the fork oil. Change said oil. Then go for a ride. Any change? Better or worse?
    Next step is to check for sag. A rough guide is to park your carcase on said bike & get someone to measure how much the suspension settled from totally unloaded (lift the front till the wheel stops dropping) to where it stopped with you sitting on it. This should be around 1/3 of total travel.

    This is where the fun begins. If you are using way more than 1/3 travel you will have to change the preload. 2 ways. Add more oil, or make up spacers to sit on top of the fork springs. (or combinations of the 2)

    Lots of people will disagree with this method -but all one has to do is look inside any conventional forks right up to current models. What do we find? Spacers. Which look suspiciously like short lengths of exhaust tubing to me. Good enough for the factory, good enough for me. The factory does not know how much I weigh so makes an estimate of the average weight rider. All we are doing is refining it to suit ourselves.

    Then the fun bit. Go riding again. Better or worse? Time to start playing with your damping rates. How do we do this? Oil viscosity. Heavier or lighter weight oils. You can even mix 2 grades to make your own "custom" weight. Heavier will slow down the suspension action. Lighter will speed it up. I wrote up a rough guide as to which way to go & it's buried here somewhere. Try the search function.

    This method works. I have personally done it with my own bike & transformed the handling. It just takes time & a bit of effort. Not much money either.
  9. thanks heaps for that roarin.... point taken about stupid techinical questions and manuals ;) have found one to download through using that search function ;) he he... so will do my trial and error setup to get it where i like it..... gives me more excuses to go for ride an 'test' it in corners he he.. dont think the gf will approve too much.. but hey.. its all in the name of safety right??? :p at least thats what she is being tol d :)
  10. Took a bit of my own advice & found this
    One point to take note of in your case -you will not be able to adjust compression/rebound damping independantly. They are tied together. However seeing you are not going for the Aus superbike championship I am guessing you will find a suitable compramise :LOL: :LOL:
  11. I had a similar problem with my old ZZR.. I ended up getting some longer spacers put in (increased preload) was much better after that.. Not perfect but the cost of fork spring for my weight was going to be around $400 (too expensive.. bike only cost $3000)..

    Shouldnt cost you much to have spacers put in.. basically its just labour..
  12. the spacers sound like good idea tony thanks.. will enquire around to see how much or if a mechanic mate can help do it for me... and also try to change oil first i think.... seems like eaasiest option so far and go from there....