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Featured Suspension rebuild for the road

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Shift1, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. Hi guys
    I have a 2007 cb900 hornet with 18k km on it, as we all know the suspension was fairly average , I'm not after a race shock or set up, just springs , valves and oil , I want her to be smooth (I road a new street triple and would be rapt if it came close to it) I live In malvern east vic so location is no issue. I know of all the guys around, kruuzetune,promecha, suspensions r us, tainton, I just want feedback good and bad.
    Remember I am not after race equipment or setup, just want the suspension smoothed out for the runs up the hills!

  2. I had Suspensions R Us fit Hyperpro to my ZZR, well priced and made a big difference. Much better over bumps and held a line better after turn in, less effected by mid corner bumps too. Obvioiusly, he will set everything up to your weight and riding style as well.

    From memory the Hyperpro uses progressive springs, which seem well suited to general road riding. Also had Gold valves fitted to the forks.

    Izzy was easy to communicate with and the bike was done in the time frame he said it would be. I would happily use him again.
  3. Racetech stuff is good. Most reputable suspension places use racetech gold valves etc. Springs, shims and oil will make a huge difference. For complete job you'll be looking at possibly $2k but will be worth it
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  4. Thanks for info, much appriceated
  5. I have been looking at previous posts and it appears that suspensions are us get a good rap, will give them a call on Monday , I went to promeca yesterday..he sounds like he knows his stuff, he had heaps of bikes there even a new BMW RnineT there having the suspension sorted, but there appears to be a bit of negative feed back with them
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  6. At a bonus, Suspensions R Us are located right in the middle of some good roads to test it all out on.

  7. I rang Izzy, he was helpfull but wanted to replace the rear shock, not rebuild, that was going to be $850 alone, a bit too much for the type of bike I have, he also would not take the bike and do the job from start to finish.
    I went to Kroozetune last week and they can do the whole package (front new springs and a revalve, rear revalve)for $850 start to finish so I booked it in and dropped it off yesterday ( they appeared a hell of a lot more professional , CNC machine , workshop the whole package as a business ) while its there it's going next door to Dynoverks for a new set of dunlop Q3 hoops and service.
    Promecha appeared to know his stuff, but a lack of equipment and a workshop that looked like a wrecker left me wanting.. but I must say all three places spent the time talking to me and listening to what I want.
    Will let you know how it goes, can't wait!
  8. Thanks for the update. It was a couple of years ago when Izzy did my bike, sad to hear (from a customer point of view) that Suspensions R Us are that busy they're turning away work, and refusing to take a bike in, as opposed to just the suspension parts.

    Looking forward to hearing how your bike turns out. Was well worth your time shopping around though!