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VIC Suspension of drivers licence

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by devon93, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. Hi guys, just wanted to post an interesting question my friend asked me. If you are suspended from driving (car), will it affect your motorcycle permit? For example, can you get a motorcycle licence if you are suspended/disqualified? Any clarification on this will be appreciated!

  2. I believe you cant but prob best to check the rms websight (or what ever you guys down there call it :) )
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    in Victoria all auto licenses are linked, eg you get caught speeding in a car, you lose car, bike truck etc. I know as in a few weeks I run out of road for a month for doing 110 in an 80 zone. (along with 4 points and a $400 fine), and I am on my bike l's too
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  4. Thanks, but hopefully you can in Victoria.

    So you lost your motorcycle licence for doing something wrong in your car?
  5. The search function is your friend. But in short, if loose your licence to ride, you also loose your licence to drive and vice versa.

    If in doubt why not ring the people who issue licences they are more likely to know the answer than some random person on the interwebs.
  6. IF it's the same as NSW, they're not separate. You have one licence, not a car licence and a bike licence and a truck licence. I believe many years ago they were separate, but not any more. Think of it as a licence to use the road which has endorsements for the vehicles you are qualified to control. If your licence is suspended/cancelled, it's for ALL endorsed vehicle types. That's probably not technically correct but I think it covers the gist of it.
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  7. was speeding on the bike, but lose the car/bike/truck as they all come under the same license
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  8. That's true, called VicRoads and they said the same thing, thanks.

    That makes sense, thanks!
  9. It's all one license, you just get endorsements for different vehicle categories.
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  10. Correct, and it is the same in every jurisdiction in Australia
  11. Before anyone comments I just realised my spelling is real bad :) sorry for that
  12. Ahahaha, yeah sure...

    A "friend"...

    Fess up! Your walking for a month or three, aren't you?
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  13. Don't worry, I was thrown off your trail by Micks' use of 'loose' :p
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  14. I will be joining you for a month.
    Luckily? I am having some knee surgery, and wouldnt be driving anyway for a while.
    If i had to, the bus to work stops about 400 m from my door, so i would be inconvenienced, but not destroyed.
    More so for the little things like just popping out to bunnings, or to the shops. Thats where the licence or lack of is a real issue.
    It is like an honour system, and i am sure it is exploited. But, getting caught while you are suspended is a real big issue, and one you should avoid.
  15. Correct that they are one with the different endorsements.
    Loss of both licenses can be separate for learners and P's in NSW though if your other license has more points available.
    Easiest way in NSW is to check with myrta for your points.
    An example is:

    Off topic since the OP is in Vic but worthwhile clarifying.
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  16. Damn, I'm normally pretty good. Oh well shit happens.
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  17. Yep, you're (friend is) fcuked.

    Lose one, lose all.

    Know this from experience.

    I wish you good luck, hope you(r friend) don't (doesn't) lose your (their) job. Hope that repayments on the mortgage can still be made so you (they) don't lose the house. And that you(r friend) live(s) close enough to basic shops, bus and train stations to make cycling feasible.

    Again speaking from experience.

    Also, anti-depression meds help. Hopefully it's only a month or so, in which case a holiday to S.E.A is a great idea.
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    What he said!

    Suggest to your friend it is probably not a good idea to ride or drive. Not a criminal offence per se but definitely a criminal penalty
  19. Been two weeks into my suspension so far. So far so good. The one thing that threw me was the letter from vicroads saying I had 14 days to send in my licence or face further penalties. It is due for renewal a week after the suspension is lifted. Hope they send it back.in time!
  20. In Victoria, there's no such thing as a car license AND a truck licence AND a motorcycle license...
    How it works is that you have one license, and on that license you have categories, CAR, R (motorcycle), MR (medium rigid truck) for example.
    If your license becomes suspended as a result of an infringement in any vehicle, that means you are not permitted to drive any vehicle on the road.
    This is also true for any category for which you hold a learner's permit, ie if you have a learner's permit to ride a motorcycle and are fully licensed to drive a car, if your license gets suspended driving the car you cannot ride the motorcycle.