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Suspension in Melbourne?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by i_cruise, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. Does anybody know of a workshop who specialises in re-building forks and rear shocks??? The suspension on my track day bike is due for a refresh.

  2. Pro Mech in huntingdale.
  3. C&C Motorcycle engineering. 94694774.

    Clyde Wolfenden is an ex-factory 500 GP mechanic.
  4. S.W.Racing

    Stewart Winton, Technic honda suspension guy.

    0403 767 449
  5. I wouldn't use promecha. Clyde Wolfenden is tops.
  6. what is wrong with promecha, bloke seems to know his stuff?

    PM if necessary.

  7. Isle of Cam just used Promecha for the blackbird and is rapt with the result.
  8. I wouldn't use Promecha, simply because Clyde Wolfenden is better.
  9. (not being argumentative)

    Rog qualify that please, as I too have given my bike to Pro Mecha.

    Clyde is beter because ???
    Did you use Pro Mecha yourself ???
    Has someone close to you been to both and if so the differences were ???

    Thanks mate
  10. +1
    I've used Promecha, was pretty happy with the results too, minor sloppiness (very minor) (pedantic in fact) but owe them no favours, so would be interested to hear some constructive criticism.

    Bloke seems to be heavily involved with 400cc class racing and I reckon deserves support as he seems to be passionite about his service.
  11. Wolfenden has been one of our top Race Team mechanics for 30+ years. He has done it all, and has the Championship Trophies to prove it. He can diagnose your problems, and advise as to what does what.

    Peter at promecha simply doesn't have this experience, but still provides what some people need.

    Make your own choice.
  12. K ta for that Rog