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suspension experts

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Androo, Sep 27, 2004.

  1. wondering if a few guys would like to volunteer to set up my suspension for me!

    need to get static sag set properly and i decided close to full stiff damping is great for normal roads but irrititating around the hills :p

  2. Hi Androo (guessing that's not the spelling your mother gave you...) thought you might like to take a look at these. It's a series of articles published in Australian Motorcycle Trader on suspension that has been copied onto websites all around the planet. You can check them out here;


    If you need clarifcation on any points, just let me know...

  3. thanks Steve, those articles sound very familiar! i'm sure i've come across them before

    my main problem is that i'm not very experienced with bikes so i dont know what a good suspension setup feels like. put in that none of my friends know much about bikes, and i'm a bit stuck
  4. Another excuse for a "dodgy brothers" afternoon.

    How about we pick a Saturday where anyone that needs help with their bikes turns up.

    We would need to confirm that a few "techno" people would be available for the day first though...

  5. How about even those that dont need anything adjusted. I dont know alot about bikes (stuff all really ) and just watching would be a benifit to me .
  6. Why not, the more the merrier
  7. Sounds like a great idea. I'ld be in it.
  8. Welcome to forum, where do you hail from!
  9. Damn.. now thats cool... the first post is offering help...
    welcome.. and back on topic, sorry but i got no idea with bikes, cars yea, but bikes no.. lol

    i could come for moral support tho
  10. Hey, thanks for the welcome. I'm from Cockatoo and I'm not sure if I'ld be much help but I'm all in for new experiences. Never been to a bike workshop before. I usually do it all myself. :D
  11. Welcome to the forums Skydon :)

    Depending on when/where the "dodgey brothers" session is held, I'd like to try to get there... After working on cars for 10 years I'm too lazy to do much myself.... but I love watching others do the work! :p
  12. Androo, I think it is important that you set the bike up yourself in the end. Its good to get experienced advice and information, but a set up for one person on a particular bike is going to be different for someone else on the same bike. Getting to understand the suspensions preload/dampening/rebound etc is important, but can be an individual thing. many factors come into play, the type of riding you do, the weight of the individual etc.

    IMHO (& believe me that aint worth much) its a matter of gathering all the facts/advice and going out and trying different setups till you find one that is comfortable for you and appropriate for your riding style. Some people will have a commuter setup and then it will be changed to a ride day setup.

    Its a good idea for people to get together and play around with the setups, the outcome of this is that you have put time aside to make the effort to learn about an important issue concerning motorbikes and what better way to do it with a bunch of mates.

  13. Depending on when I may be interested.

    If you want to speak to an expert try Izzi at Suspensions R Us in Devon Meadows http://www.suspensionsrus.com.au.

    He upgraded both ends of my bike after the accident and was more than happy for me to come in and have him set the bike up for me. The bike is better for it from my seat of the pants evaluation.
  14. I would gladly hand over my little jinx (yamaha) to those with the knowledge to adjust/replace the chain.. Really should send it in to the shop to be done, but that would mean Im bikeless for the day.. How would I cope :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: ..
  15. thanks everyone.. i definitely agree that i should be adjusting these things myself to get a feel for it, and i have to some extent

    i need a few guys to set my static sag properly...