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Suspension advice please!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by deafwish, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. My front forks seem to be sagging a bit too much (around 8cm!) without me even on the bike. The Hornet 600 doesn't have any adjustments for the forks. :(
    I went to my local bike mechanic and he advised me that I can put a couple of washers/ spacers above the spring, to increase the preload and increase the fork oil weight to slow it down. He quoted me around $130 including fork oil.
    Is the above practice a dangerous shortcut, or will it work fine?
    I do not and will not ever race, I just want a stiffer front end, as it seems to almost bottom out under brakes and some bumps.

    Thanks in advance for your opinions.
  2. Yep it is the way to go daz read through the suspension set up at the top off this forum from roarin its a great read it will give you all the answers

    PS how far are you away from chaddy are you ???
  3. Thanks, Brucey.
    So you reckon this is perfectly safe and is a common practice?
    Oh, I'm in Mt Waverley, off Blackburn Rd. :wink:
  4. +1 for common practice (and most likely safe)

    it's something you could do yourself if you were so inclined
  5. That static sag seems a bit excessive, what is it with you on it? Might be worth installing heavier springs while its all in bits and be done with it.
    Heavier oil works a treat but will not make up for inadequate spring rate.

    It is unfortunate that many bikes seem to come set up for riders less than 70kg, and thats most of us right?
  6. I went and saw Peter from ProMecha, today to get a professional opinion.
    He checked out my bike and rated the suspension 0.5/10! :shock:
    He said he would not even test ride it! :(
    He wants to charge me $850 for new fork springs, damper things and rebuild the rear shock! :eek:
    All I want is a firmer front end! :?
  7. Don't we all...? :grin:
  8. Definitely sounds like the springs have 'sacked out' and need replacement. Spacers will not fix this problem.
    You should probably be looking at new springs ($180) and fork rebuild (~$80-100 labour). Chances are the shock needs a rebuild too.
  9. I had spacers put into my ZZR as I had a similar problem with the frontend being way to soft.. Essentially the washers/spacers act as a poor mans preload adjuster without the adjustability..
    General once you have the preload set you dont need to change it so spacers are the way to go.. Provided your spring aint gone..
  10. He mentioned something about custom valves.....
    All I understood was bla, bla, bla...... :? :oops:
    He said that if i pur spacers in the top of the current spring, it still won't slow it down or dampen the bumps.....
    This just seems so excessive to me.
  11. Anyone heard of Cruisetune?
    I cannot find any contact details for them.
    Any other suspension places that people can recommend to me, please?
  12. Ideally you need a spring matched correctly for bike weight+riders.
    Preload will allow you to set the sag correctly.
    The valves will allow for rebound and compression damping to be adjusted to your own personal preferrence and type of riding you do..

    I recon money spent on a good suspension setup is probably the best money spent.. It will improve the handling of the bike significantly..
  13. It's spelled Krooztune

    U1/ 62 Wadthurst Drv Boronia 3155
    (03) 9801 2122
  14. unfortunately if you sort your front end out you will find the back end a bit lacking, better off to get front and rear done at the same time if you can afford it

    most places charge 2 - 3 hrs labour for fork rebuilds plus parts so $850 for front and rear aint that bad
  15. Cool.
    Made an appointment to go and see Dave at Krooztune, this arvo'. :cool:
    A second opinion can't hurt.
  16. It definately sounds likes the springs are rooted.

    Talk to Proven Products in Sydney. They will be able to advise you on appropriate spring for the front of this bike.

    Don't worry about re-valveing and rear suspension, if money is an issue.

    You can do the front end yourself. If you have drain plugs on your folk legs it's a piece of piss.

    You will need heavier weight oil, if you go for a heavier, or progessively wound spring.

    As to the rear, if money is an issue, I'd suck it and see.
  17. Met up with Dave, this arvo at Krooz Tune.
    Dave advised me that it doesn't need as much work as Peter at Pro Mecha stated. Dave is also cheaper. :?
    Sure I can pay less, but it may not get done quite as well!
    Anybody know how good Dave is at doing what he does?
    It really is now at the stage of one man's word against the other. :roll:
    Any feedback is appreciated and I am in no way doubting how good either of these guys are! :oops:
    p.s. That Giant Schnauzer at Dynoverks is a FREAK! :shock:
  18. I played with that dog for about an hour. Strong beastie.

    I didn't get my suspension done by Krooztune, so I can't comment. In general though I found that the guys (Krooztune and Dynoverks) who I shared some lunch with are pretty down to earth and will only do as much as you want them to, rather than as much as they would like to get out of you.

    Not a big help to you. If it's any consolation, Krooztune were my second choice for who I was going to get my suspension done by after ASR, but I can't comment specifically on their service. They do know their stuff though, as they set up track and race bikes for various racers. I'd say that Dave was making a value based judgement on what you described your riding style as, and tailored a suspension solution to suit you for now.
  19. Hiya,

    I found my 98 600 was too soft in the front end and was looking for answers. Luckily I picked up a set of Eibach non-progressive springs from a guy who killed his hornet before installing them. I also upped the fork oil weight by 2.5 and put in a custom spacer tube to increase preload a bit.

    ...result = excellent (stiffer / predictable front end)...total time to do 1 hour in mates shed. Its been in 1.5 years and no problems at all..