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Suspension advice please

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Pjcliffo, May 25, 2015.

  1. I have adjusted the suspension on my street triple to make it a bit softer for our rough roads without making handling worse. I am fairly happy with what it have achieved, but there is one thing I'm puzzled about. When I slow down to a stop the bike feels like it doesn't want to go straight, it wants to tip one way or the other. This is at very low speed just before stopping.
    Does any one know possible causes for this? Is it a bit too much weight on the front or not enough? Normal riding the bike feels quite balanced with good turn in and just the edge taken off the bumps instead of rock hard.

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  2. I'll have a guess and say you softened the rear pre-load more than the front (assuming the front is adjustable) and if the front isn't adjustable, softening the rear or in effect reducing the ride height of the rear relative to the front will mean the bike wants to fall over.

    With suspension, there is rarely any free lunch, and a change at one end will require a change at the other. Where one end is non-adjustable as is the case on many bikes, you have to start playing with springs, spacers etc to make that change.
  3. Agree with TWEETTWEET, start with the rear as it will have more of an effect on the front, than visa versa.
  4. Looks like a non R in your picture, so whatever you do will be a compromise, balance is the most important thing.

    I found with mine, the stock preload in the rear (they says its non adjustable, but it is) was actually WAY too soft, which meant the bike felt stiff, but that was only cause it was blowing through most of the rear travel just with me sitting on it (and I'm only 74kg).

    What I did to "sort" mine out, was measure the rider sag in the front, and then get as close to that in the rear but with it as close to 35mm as possible if that makes sense? From memory it was about 40mm with me on it in front, so I adjusted the rear to be 35mm exactly, if it was 20mm, you'd be better off running 25-30mm rear sag.

    All you can adjust on those is rear preload, so its key to get it as nice as possible.
    Sounds like as others have said, you've backed the rear preload off heaps, which has it sitting like a harley. This will put not enough weight on the front, and also change the rake somewhat, meaning at slower speeds the front wheel will want to fall to one side.

    Get a couple mates, gear up, and get them to measure rider sag at the front and rear, then report back
  5. Thanks for the advice, I increased rear preload and will test it tomorrow.
  6. Thanks for the advice the increase in rear preload seems to have done the trick.