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Suspension Adjustments..

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Blue14, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. Who has ever really had a play with there suspension settings?? Well i thought it was about time i had a go at the settings and see what i could come up with. I had stiffened the rear spring a while back and hadnt really sat down and played with the front. Well after reading a settings chart and getting some advice i made some adjustments. I always felt the 12 handled not to bad, and maybe my riding ability needed some more time for improvement. :grin: But after these changes what a difference i have made to it. It used to tend to under steer i felt, which i thought was me, but now its a different bike altogether, feels much more stable through cornering and here i was thinking it was me.. :grin:

  2. Whenever I go for a long ride I carry one of those stubby screwdrivers in my pocket to play with the suspension as I go.

    About a week after I bought it I cranked up the preload front and rear, the only things I mess with now are the damping settings, but yeah it has a major effect on the way the bike handles.
  3. when i picked up my cbx750f i was riding home and thought oh geez, this is bloody terrible! got home, checked the pressures, front tyre was 28psi, rear tyre was 30psi, rear suspension was on 5psi ( can be up to 57psi! i put it on 40 ;) ) and front was on 12psi and should not be over 6psi. No wonder i thought i was going to die coming home on the freeway doing 110 in the pouring rain! haha Not wrong about the difference it makes, i know i still need work but i cant blame the bike no more.....hehe
  4. Top suspension adjusting tips: 1. write down the stock settings so you can go back if you make a mess. 2. check tyre pressures first. 3. put a zip-tie around the fork tube/shock strut to make sure you're using all the travel: too stiff, you're paying for suspension travel you're not using; too soft, you use it all up too quick and there's still shock to be controlled and no travel to do it.