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VIC Suspended while on Ls

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by van, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. Hey folks,

    I was on probation (aka the dreaded "good behaviour" that only idiots and clowns like me get themselves into!) when I got my Ls, and I managed to go 3 of the 12 months of my bond without getting a ticket. Unfortunately, I copped a speeding ticket after that and I'm now awaiting my notice of suspension in the mail. I'm not going to appeal it - not that it would work anyway - because, after all, I made the decision to go on a good behaviour bond and the consequences are what they are.

    Onto my question!

    The letter has yet to arrive, and I'm now about 4.5 months into my learner period. In other words, I'm 1.5 months past the date I could start thinking about doing the test for my restricted licence.

    The restricted licence lasts for 12 months, and my suspension will be either 6 months or 12 months, I'm not sure. I'm not going to call and ask, that's for sure haha. So my question is: Will the suspension time be swallowed up by the 12 months of my restricted licence, or will it extend my restricted licence? I.e. if my suspension is for 6 months, will my restricted licence be extended to 18 months rather than 12?

    I hope that all made sense!

    Thanks :)
  2. If it was from a speeding camera there are ways around it.

    such as responding saying you were not the driver/rider at the time
    find a mate a relo and see if they can take the rap for you.

    or maybe seek legal advice maybe you can get out of it.

    or just take it up the chin.
    and go pedal power!
    at least you'll still be riding
  3. Don't know how it works in Mexico, but I had my licence (NSW) suspended for 2 years a week after I got my P's. When I got my licence back, it picked up from exactly where I was when it got suspended.

    So if it's the same as in NSW, I doubt the time that you're suspended will count towards your restricted licence.
  4. Don't quote me but I think in Vic you have your driver's license and your learner's permit which are 2 seperate things. You won't be able to get to MC License if you are suspended from your other license.

    If I understand you correctly you have yet to get your Restricted License, therefore your 12 months probation will not begin until you pass the test. You will not be able to do the test as you will be suspended on your driver's license. You will have to wait out your suspension before you can take the test.

    You may be able to slip under the radar. I suggest you call vicroads to see if you're already suspended. If not quickly book in for your License Test before they catch up on their paperwork. Doubt it will work but it's worth trying.

    If I have misunderstood and you already have your Restricted License then your restricted period will stop from your license suspension date and continue from when you are given your license back. ie. 12 months restricted period become 18 months with an extra 6 months suspension.

    Either way I believe you are up buggery... sorry van.
  5. yep if you license is suspended, add that to your restriction time.....and if it is suspended, it also means you can't go for your p's until that time is over (one of the guys when i did my p's tried that and they said ah sorry you have a suspended license) come back when your time is up.... sorry mate
  6. Ah well, was worth asking. Thanks lads :)
  7. If you are getting your Learner licence suspended before you even go for your probationary, I'd have serious doubts about even giving you a licence at all....
  8. I think in NSW if you get suspended for points the time stops and you might even have to start again.

    But if you get an automatic suspension for 35 over without loosing all your points (3 months) the time counts.

    Your L's might also be canceled and have to start them again, would be best to try and get P's first to stop you having to go back to the start of L's.
  9. The restricted license period is extended by suspension period.

  10. One of my mate was on his Ls, and when his parents went on holidays once, he took there car out for a bit of a spin. the result of this was a criminal record for street racing, his parents car was impounded, he got a massive fine and lost his licence for a long long time. When he got his licence back he only had to wait a couple of weeks before he got his Ps. So i think time just freezes. you don't have to start again, but you don't get to miss out on like a year stuck on Ps.
  11. grrrrr, sorries, double post... again :oops: