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VIC Sus?

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by rcheli32, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. Admin please delete if this is the wrong place, but I saw this guy wheeling a bike yesterday on the corner of Alexander Pd and Nicholson St that just didn't look quite kosher....

  2. possible, its hard to see from photo but doesn't look like his in riding gear
  3. It COULD be completely innocent, but it sure doesn't LOOK that way...
  4. Contact the Police and ask if there has been a report of a motorcycle theft in the area as you may have information.
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  5. lol, you seem like the one person who gives a dam. I had my bike break down on me and pushed it for 6km and passed at least 200 people no one even looked twice.
  6. Damn thought u were selling some sus250 for a sec....
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  7. He didn't look like he had on riding gear, but if I hadn't been stuck between cars in the right turning lane I would have stopped and asked if he needed help. He was right in front of a service station though, so clearly he wasn't out of petrol...