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Survived/Summary first week of riding (Long Rant)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by moog, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. After some time off, I'm back riding again, on my L's, and after an inital discomfort with riding I'm now really enjoying it.

    In the first week I:

    1) Nearly got run off the road by a woman in a commodore who just pulled out in front of me. I had to run off the road onto grass, but luckily had set up brakes already as I had a feeling she may pull out.

    I blasted the horn but she was totally oblivious. Didn't even look.

    2) I realised that generally people respect the L plate and give me some space and time. (I stalled twice at lights and waiting cars were very patient)

    3) Realised that a lot of other people think the L plate is reason to have a go at me.

    I stopped at traffic lights and guy in an old Falcon pulled up until his bumper bar was almost touching my back wheel. I'm talking 1 inch from me. And it was deliberate. He stopped and then slowly edged up until he was almost touching me.

    Also last night going across harbour bridge in the left lane when someone shouted at me and scared the crap out of me. It was a passenger in a P plate car who laughed when they saw me swerve because of their yelling at me. Made me very angry. Even worse, the car behind them was also full of fools and after seeing the show, they yelled at me and laughed something about "L plates. HAHAHA!!"

    4) No fuel gauge and brand new bike so had no idea what km I would get. I ran out of fuel on the other side of the harbour bridge (luckily not on it) so pulled over, put it onto 'reserve' and drove to the closest servo.

    I pulled up, opened the tank, pulled out the fuel hose and at that exact moment, they turned all the lights and pumps off and said "We're closed now" Pr!cks.

    5) Nobody, and by that I mean about 5% of rider actually give a nod. The first 10 riders I saw I would nod to them and after being ignored for all but one of them, and feeling like an idiot in the process, I don't do it anymore. Which is a shame, because when I was riding 5 years ago, everyone would give a little nod to say gday.

    OK essay over, but I'm loving riding, even though this first week has been pretty scary at times. The VSTAR Custom is an awesome bike and I'm looking forward to meeting some of the NSW crew.
  2. Much of this sounds familiar :LOL:

    1. You'll learn to look for ways to escape, and adjust your speed, according to any potential idiots you spot, who might be out to ruin your ride. It's usually 'their fault' but you can find ways to counter their stupidity; it's rare that anything surprises me now, and I'm still a newbie. It'll still piss you off, but won't scare you or take you off guard much after a while.
    2/3. Yeah, you'll get used to it. Some drivers and other riders are kind, others complete tools. Funniest one for me was a Commodore pulling up slowly next to me at the lights, winding the window down...I thought "Sigh, here we go, insult followed by single-participant drag race about to ensue...". The guy asked "Mate, what happened to your instructor!??" :LOL: ..she fell off a few corners back. Another time, maybe 2 weeks into my riding experience, after a set of lights, some tool in a ute screamed past me a few seconds after I'd reached the limit+10km/h, obviously seeing his femininity highlighted by an L-plater on a 250, and started weaving in and out of my lane a few feet in front of me. Nice.
    4. Noob! :LOL: :wink: Ran completely dry once after the first longer 'spirited' ride on my second bike. More throttle = more fuel used :oops:
    5. Probably your bike and where you're riding. On the naked 250 I get f-all nods back, on the sportie quite a few. Was this in Sydney traffic? You'll see it more out on the proper riders' roads.

    Get along to a coffee meet and share tales of noobdom with noobs, other re-noobs and experienced riders alike :p
  3. It gets better, well no, it actually doesnt, you get better at avoiding it, as for fools tailgaiting etc, it happens daily, especially shity old cars, the got lots of dents already, what is one more., i like waiting till i get to the lights and splitting to the front, someone else has to deal with the problem then :p
  4. Aww, everyone remembers their first shithouse bommodore driver :LOL:

    As for the nodding I find it's more a weekend thing.
  5. SOme people see L/P plasters at the lights and would try and drag you off the lights. One night heading into the city 3 people tried to drag me(swift,comordore,series 5 bmw). I won in all cases with ease. I went up to about +10kph from the limit(80kph limit) and stayed at that speed till they over take me doing 100kph or so. Then I just slowly ease back to 80kph....

    Still having fun draging cagers who think they can win. And at the next set of lights I just filter past them... :LOL:
  6. It's strange how my experience differs from others.
    I hardly have had any incidents on the road and I'm not the most sedate rider even when I was on my L's.
    Maybe having driven on the road for years before and a positive attitude regarding my riding and overt attentiveness as well.
    If you had so many incidents in one week maybe you should assess what YOU have done that caused all these issuesn and how can you avoid them in the future, or is it all a matter of perspective?

    Just something for you to think about.
  7. [​IMG] I would've been in hysterics as well.
  8. This is fairly typical...just keep getting out there and you'll start to spot the signs beforehand. Motorbikes are harder to see, so it happens....just do your best to protect yourself.

    If they hear your horn, it's just luck...don't rely on it - instead, spend your time controlling your bike to avoid things.

    Just a bunch of tossers...ignore it and keep your head in the game when this happens

    THAT'S what it's all about. :grin: