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Survey request by an International research body.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vic, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. Sh!t, got right near the end and work blocked the site! What's it for?
  2. Done and done.

    They asked about noise, and I said I wanted it to stay about the same, but couldn't say it's already pretty loud.

    Ah well, I'm a researcher myself and now what a pain it is getting participants, so I always try to do these things when asked.
  3. done, although i accidently put 80 Mph instead of kph for the top daily commute speed... damn thing wouldn't let me go back... or redo... oh well, i suppose my top speed can be 127 :p
  4. I reckon it's a marketing survey for a company looking at manufacturing an electric motorcycle - or not to, depending on the results.

    Range seems to be a significant part of the information gathered. Some mention of noise, too.

    Sadly, they'll be disappointed with what I gave 'em.
  5. Yeah surveys are always floored. Clearly the author was assuming bikes were standard, but I said quieter, because mine is too loud.

    Any statistics based on this question are going to be meaningless.
  6. So when I said "No" - I'd never consider buying an electric scooter or motorcycle.
    And my lowest area of importance for purchasing a bike was "Environmental considerations"... do you think I helped?

    --[interesting no 'cost of fuel' questions in there; just range & journey]--
  7. Is it possible to make a VTR with straight thru pipes any louder?
  8. It's all data for them, I'm the same :cool:

    Until electric power delivers somewhere near the range and hp of their fuel guzzling cousins, wont be considering a change.
  9. Why is this posted and encouraged, but when some local guy looking for some market research starts a thread he gets flamed? :?
  10. Thread please?
  11. done and done :)
  12. Because this is bike related? Was his?

    Survey done.
  13. FFS - Here we go again. :roll:
  14. Silent? :roll: Who wants a silent motorcycle? I don't parrot the "loud pipes save lives" mantra so I don't particularly care for my bike to sound louder. Sound better, now that's what I'd like.

    And as for environmental costs, does anyone on the planet actually make vehicle purchase decisions based on environmental impact? I can see steering away from massive SUVs partly on those grounds (maybe) but certainly not applicable for bikes. For some reason Honda think so and thus claim Euro 3 compliance as a "feature" of their newest viffer. *shrug*

    I'd buy an electric bike if the following conditions were met: It had at least a 300Km range; It was capable of using standard fuel as well as electric (going to recharge on a Sydney to Brisbane run are we? Not without massive market penetration you're not. Think how long it took for LPG to get to where it is today); It didn't weigh significantly more than standard bikes (Wave to the concept kids, bye bye concept! Bye! We'll see you again in three to four decades when battery technology makes a significant advance or two.); It wasn't priced significantly higher than petrol-only competitors; It sounded _good_ rather than being silent (or nearly so).
  15. Heh - for guitar amps and even guitars they now have 'emulation technology'. Some of the Line 6 amps can sound like anything from a Marshall stack to a Fender Twin Reverb (or so they claim). Surely an electric bike could also have 'emulation technology'? "Hmm, do I wanna sound like a MotoGP Ducati or a Harley this morning?" ;)
  16. or a Tie Fighter!!! whooooooooooorrrrrrrrrraarrrr :LOL:
  17. EXCELLENT... I like the way you think :biker: :popcorn: \:D/
  18. Now that I could dig. Give me that on an electric bike and I'd happily move my goalposts for ownership until I could justify the cost :)