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Survey of "older riders"

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by John_M, May 13, 2010.

  1. Survey of "older riders" but ALL welcome

    The QLD Department of Transport & Main Roads (TMR) is conducting various research projects. One is looking at “Older Riders” and is based on a survey to provide the data.

    The survey was expected to be mailed out to a sample of Qld riders from about 10 May. The survey has a little over 100 multiple choice questions with an opportunity to also add comment.

    QLD TMR has cross-referenced their registration and licence databases to identify “active” riders. There are about 600,000 motorcycle licences held in QLD and about 170,000 QLD registered motorcycles. The initial random sample chosen for the survey will involve 6,000 "active" (licensed) QLD riders with current motorcycle registrations.

    Soon after the mail-out to the 6,000 (say about late May or early June?), I understand that the same survey will be accessible on-line. Riders Australia-wide will then apparently be welcome to complete the survey.

    The Specific deliverables of this research project are are to:
    1. Quantify and describe the distribution of crashes relative to age in order to verify the perceived increased number of crashes seen in the 30-39 year older rider cohort; and
    2. If it is established that the crash involvement pattern for a particular age group (for example, 30-39yrs.) is significantly higher than for other age groups, identify specific associated (causal) factors contributing to these crashes including (but not limited to):
    • Identify if increased crash rate for a particular age-group(s) is associated with the specific generational characteristics of this cohort and therefore is likely to remain with this group as it ages.
    • What are the specific contributing factors to crashes for the identified high-risk age group(s)? That is, what factors contribute to making a particular group a high-risk group (e.g. motorcycle type, returning to riding after an extended break, risk taking, and so on)?
    A consultancy (ARTD) is undertaking the survey and initial analysis. Riders have contributed to improvements to the survey (including safety reps nationally and in Qld).
    I recommend that anyone provided the opportunity to complete it, does so.
    Thank you.
  2. Re: Survey of "older riders" - clarification

    In case there is any confusion over use of the term “older riders” :) ...

    QLD TMR has referred to a focus on “older riders” in the 30-39 age band. This is because the highest number of motorcycle fatalities in our state occur in this age band, and also this group is suffering a disproportionate level of fatalities - see graph:


    The research project needs to look at all riders no matter what age so that comparisons can be made. Clear feedback has been provided to the consultants that they must ensure results are differentiated for the various age bands.

    The term "older riders" has been defined to some degree in the Australian community by the Ulysses Club as meaning those of us over 40 years; but I believe the use by TMR was not meant as a defining term.