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VIC Survey by TAC - anyone here been contacted?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, May 25, 2012.

  1. The TAC are apparently running a survey about motorcycling and have sent invitations to selected riders to participate.

    You require an id and password - so if anyone has done it or has access could they let robsalvv or myself have some details of the content.

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  2. The idea of selecting survey participants says it all. Falsifying data again.
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  3. Spot on Titus.
    It wouldn't suprise me if they only sent the survey out to people who have had some sort of TAC claim. How else would they know who rides and who doesn't?

    It's not like they can just call up VicRoads and ask for a list of motorcycle riders.
  4. Hi Tony - is this the same survey as the one posted on MCC of NSW's website? http://www.mccofnsw.org.au/a/347.html
  5. I really don't know. It's the same survey company but that probably doesn't mean much.

    Given the "not invented here" syndrome the TAC displays towards other things, I would be mildly surprised if it was.
  6. Sorry Tony, cannot help out.

    Best guess same questions as the last one, after all they would not want to learn anything new....

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  7. That survey was for NSW residents only: unlikely to be a TAC survey.
  8. Although it would seem that is just what they did!

  9. Not really a fair survey when they pick the participants...
  10. If you're one of the "lucky" ones, post up the questions :)

    If the survey is truly random, then it only suffers a little from self selection bias - a person still has to choose to do the the survey - but I note there's at least $700 worth of gear on offer as an inducement.

    The password and user id bit is interesting - not an anonymous survey then.
  11. I wonder if anyone who was selected in this manner has had any privacy concerns to take to Vicroads... ?
  12. Why 'anyone who was selected? All of us were included, according to the quote: VicRoads handed over all motorcycle licence holder and registered motorcycle owner's details to the TAC. Have they kept that information, are they allowed to keep it, where does that fit in with the VicRoads Protecting your Privacy?

    Or the TAC Privacy principles?

    It's not that I'm paranoid, but I know they're out to get me.........
  13. I received the invitation to participate although I have never made any claims before. In fact I bought my first bike here early this year, so I was really puzzled. My guess was that it was one of those 1 in a million lucky draw scams where everyone's that rare gem. lol.
    Anw I did the survey and it was basically about safety gear and riding habits.
    The survey seemed to structure and select its questions based on my previous input. I said that I didn't wear leather pants everyday and the next question was why not? Then do I think that wearing full gear would increase my chances of survival.. Blah blah. Can't remember the exact phrases used.
    I did say that I thought doing the speed limit plus GST was perfectly alright.
    Come to think of it, I did indicate that I have fallen off before, but it was due to sliding on an oil patch which they didn't question. Now I'm gonna be part of the statistic that speeds and gets into accidents.
  14. Which is why you don't fill out these ****ing things!
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  15. OK, clears that up. They're allowed to collect information from Vicroads, and they don't have to explain why.
  16. In the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter if people from here answer it or not, or even truthfully or not. There are plenty of eager riders outside of netrider who are only to happy to oblige the TAC without contemplating the ramifications. Can't stop them all.
  17. In the latest TAC commercial the rider was wearing ATGATT and unfortunately due to physics (which may be lingo for 'luck' it's hard to tell) died a horrible gruesome death.

    So the answer is no, wearing full gear does not increase the chances of survival when luck is involved.
  18. "Selected" should be referring to a random allocation most likely chosen from the register of licensed motorcyclists. It has to be done like this as otherwise any results only reflect the people doing the survey, while if it is a true random subset of the entire group (i.e licensed riders in Victoria) then their conclusions can be about all riders.

    The gear prizes are to reduce non response bias. I.e people who fill in a form have different responses to those who don't, the higher the response rate the lower the bias.

    Also as someone who has been on the other side of surveys I guarantee that they will be reading this thread. So say hello.
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  19. Fellow netriders it is once again advisable not to participate in any survey that does not have the backing of a motorcycle representative organisation.

    Failure to do so may lead to self sabotage.

    By its own actions against people that ride motorcycles, the TAC is not to be trusted. It is also viewed as an anti motorcycle organisation.
  20. Hello
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