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Surveillance Oz TV Show

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gobberwart, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. Anyone been watching this? It's on Channel 7 at 8pm on Wednesdays and basically it seems to be a voyeuristic show made out of bits of security/traffic camera footage.

    Last night's episode showed a lane-splitting motorbike rider having a spill in a Sydney(?) tunnel and getting dragged under the front of a car for about 20-30 metres. The rider was alright by the look of it, or at least not terminally injured, and from memory I don't think they put much of a spin on it.

    There was no real sign of "look at this idiot rider" commentary which to be honest I expected and was pleased not to hear. It seemed to be more about paying attention to changing traffic and the fact that things can happen in "the blink of an eye."

    Anyway, it got me thinking about the intention behind the show. The promo for next week showed a brief clip of what looked like a speeding rider being chased by the po-po, so I'll be very curious to see where they go with it, and I'd love to know who's behind it (apart from Wilson parking lol).

    Any thoughts?

  2. gayyyyy ...spent a whole 5 MINUTES ...searching for video of this show to no avail...i give up.
  3. I caught a few minutes of it - The flavour of the program seemed to be that it is a good thing that we are on camera all the time. Even though it has been proved countless times that CCTV doesn't reduce crime - it only monitors it as/after it has happened.
    Getting plod out of their cars and back on foot is far more effective (but costly) crime reduction strategy and doesn't make for cheap entertainment though.
  4. How did that rider not go under the landcruiser???

    His gear must have got attached to the front bullbar or someother part of the 4WD.

    Very freakin lucky to have ended much worse.
  5. Sounds about right. The message seems to be, "Whatever you're doing, someone's watching you so don't even think about it!", wrapped up in the guise of entertainment.

    No kidding! I thought he was gone for sure. Helmet scraping against the concrete, dragging along like that. Maybe he grabbed onto something before he went under? It wasn't high-speed fortunately, or it probably would've gone right over the top of him.

    Couldn't really see what happened to make him come off, either. You reckon he clipped something, or just ran out of skill?
  6. The red light runners in darlinghurst kind of scared the crap out of me, I go through there all the time. Although by the looks of them, they weren't delibrately running the red light but not seeing it.
  7. I think he locked the front and tried to swerve and down he went. Not sure if he was filtering or was not paying attention to traffic maybe slowing in front of him so maybe he hit the brakes and swerved out of his lane simultaneously and down he went.
  8. This actually caused an argument in my house. My wife made the call of "Fucking idiot for splitting in those circumstances". I was somewhat more understanding given we didn't get to see any footage from 20, 50 or 100 meters before the accident, I wasn't completely convinced he was splitting. There is a chance, albeit a very slim one, that he wasn't.

    The intention of the show is largely to allow people to laugh at the stupidity of others.
  9. Hard to say based on what was shown. I thought he was filtering based on his starting position, but someone may have tried to share his lane or maybe he just screwed up. Who knows, I'd need to watch it again. If I could find a copy :)

    As for laughing... mission accomplished. How was that drunk guy trying to walk across thin air and falling 9 feet onto the freeway. Wouldn't have been as funny if he'd been hit, but since he wasn't... baaaahahahahahahahahaha
  10. I just assumed the front wheel had locked up so it was pushing him. But no idea really.
  11. i saw it... certainly made me think... wouldn't take much to clip something... I liked that they didn't harp on about it, i thought the imagery pretty well spoke for itself.... it's not going to stop me splitting but it will definately make me more careful when doing so...

    Shame the TAC can't take the hint, get off their high horsed one track rubbish and make us think like this.
  12. i also saw the cop show before it... usually avoid them like the plague cause they're full of retarded try hards in uniforms acting like rambo while handing out parking tickets... anyways there was a cop in Bendigo that actually seemed like a decent guy! shame more cops aren't like him...
  13. Saw that too, the cop in bendigo impressed me, but the cop lecturing the guy who had a 0 BAC reading really pissed me off.
  14. Was that the bloke who was dealing with the blokes drinking in the car? He cracked me up actually.

    "Well, you flagged me down, what did you want?"

    I can imagine the "flagging down" too - one finger extended "blllaaaaaaaaarrrrgggh, fvck you copper!!!!"

    Yeah, he was a dipshit. "Mate, you got lucky this time, you've blown zero, so don't drink and drive because that makes you an idiot." Wait, what? He didn't drink drive, so stop being a princess.
  15. That's why they posted him to Bendigo, cant have reasonable plod in the capital cities.
  16. yeah but i EXPECT knobs like that. the guy probably sounded pissed cause if hes a repeat offender and alcoholic hes fried his brain... the breatho said "0" you can't book him so FAAARK OFF!

    ive seen that same Bendigo cop a couple of times now and he always seems to impress... deals with everyone pretty fairly... most cops would have been assholes and booked them for drink driving, open bottles, in public, disorderly, littering... then said they were being nice for not charging them for the ball sack drawn on the rear window.
  17. The "hairy cacti" you mean LOL

    Nah, he was a top bloke. Gave them a friendly bollocking, made his point, got their details for future reference and left them alone. Wish there were more like that.
  18. they should give him a bike.
  19. He'd only defect it. It's in the genes.
  20. I recorded it and watched it just before..

    He was in between the truck and landcruiser.. so he was splitting, i dare say he didn't have enough room and either locked up or hit something, and then fell off.
    i was surprised that the landcruiser didn't go right over the top of him, scary stuff.

    also the cars running those red lights... in the wet, holy shit they came close to hitting those pedestrians.

    I also recorded and watched highway patrol... and the cop in bendigo was hilarious, also a preview of next weeks episode shows a motorbike being chased doing i think they said 170.. in what looked like ST KILDA, tis gonna be interesting.