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Surprise Suade gig. Free Admission

Discussion in 'VIC' started by MVrog, Nov 9, 2008.

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  1. To help the "Man Band" to come back to Earth, they are doing a gig on Monday 10th, at 541 Graham st. Port Melb. 8.30 pm .

    Free admission. Bring your own everything, especially a chair, if you want to sit.
  2. thanks roger, yeah cheffie and I went through the building late this afternoon - it's a massive empty factory spot right next door to frank walker's place in port melb. Roger and Su have just sold their business and cleaned the factory out and it's just an awesome, atmospheric space.

    They have to be out by Tuesday and we have to rehearse tomorrow night anyway so we thought we'd do it in the warehouse and make it a casual, free show that anyone who wants to can join us for.

    If anyone has good camera gear and wouldn't mind taking some shots, contact me and we might try to get there earlier while the sunlight is coming in the windows and do some photos that we might use on the next re ore cover, the website etc.

    Hope some of you guys can make it down, we'll have a bit of a sing then a few beers. :)
  3. I suppose I had better sweep the floor, all 30,000 sq ft of it.

    Ample parking for many Kenworth Trucks.
  4. Plenty of parking for bikes too.
  5. I'm happy to take some photos for you.
  6. Awesome mate, come by around 6 if you have time, we'll have the whole factory to play with, should get some sweet shots!
  7. I was going to go for a run. You have saved me from doing that. I will need to go home first and clear my memory card from yesterdays shoot. I would be there at 6. more like 6:30-45

    seeya later.
  8. no probes (that last word was autocorrected but I'm leaving it there), see ya there.
  9. Yay....more Suade!!!! :dance: :dance: :beer: :beer: :music:

    Cyas tonight.
  10. Bugger, already made plans. Sorry to miss it, now that I know what I'm missing.
  11. well that was something you don't do every day eh?

    Thanks to erewego and Booga and others for the photography, can't wait to see those. Thanks to chef, andy and matt for the big finish... Can't wait to get the net hooked up at home so I can post those pics! And of course thanks to cam and matt for getting into the spirit of things and dropping their dacks for the undies song. Truly a moment to be remembered.

    Thanks to roger and su for letting us take over the factory for the night, we had a beaut time! :)
  12. Great show Loz.

    There was more madness after you left.
  13. +1 Good stuff.

    * Everyone kept their clothes on.
    * Nobody got hurt.
    * Still had fun.

    So all the boxes ticked. :grin:
  14. I heard you may have scared the crap out of some guy on the way home though.

    Thanks for the show guys
  15. It was totally NOT what I was expecting, but I was completely entertained!!

    P.S. I think I have some tyre in my lungs
  16. Did I say that it was a good act.

    so fresh and entertaining. *very nice*
  17. brill evening, top time I belive had by all...
    cheers for the invite...
  18. uncross your arms loz. it makes you look like the "tough guy" in a boy band :p

    sounds like it was a good night, cool location
  19. I will put a few more samples and loz will have the rest to choose from
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