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Surprise for Missus

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Fa1c0n, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. So I have the missus booked in for a surprise "Introduction to motorcycles" course with DECA Training.
    I was just going to drop her off there and say "Have fun!"

    I was wondering if there are more courses around the Frankston area that would prepare her for getting her licence?
    She has zero motorcycle experience, so we need to get her as much as she can before I send her out for her L's.

    Obviously the learning really starts with the L's and Ill be out on the road with her, but I think she will need to actually learn the theory on how to use a motorcycle...

  2. Before I got my Ls (I also had zero experience) my fiance rode my bike down to the footy oval in the evening when there was no one about and then I rode it around a bit a few times. I guess I could have gotten into trouble for not having my licence and I had no insurance but there was almost nothing for me to hit.

    He also took me to a friend's farm and I got to ride around a paddock on his friend's Ag bike, which also helped me a lot in getting used to the gears. Do you have any one like that you know?

    I still struggled doing my Ls a bit but I picked an all day course so had lots of practice there too before doing my test. Ended up passing my test at 3pm after starting at about 10.30am on the bike.

    I can't say I knew any of the theory about riding a bike beforehand though maybe it would have helped.
  3. Pre L + L = sufficient training to get her passing with a licence, you wouldn't have to worry about that. Push the theory in parallel to the practical, the former will never get you an ah-ha moment.

    Post the L I'm sure you can snail pace her gradually, have you thought about getting some professional one-on-one lessons? I got a few lessons myself and it was a great investment.
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  4. That sounds good - where would one find these?

  5. I have a 2 stroke motorcross race machine... Not a good learners bike unfortunately.

    I think Ill will just get her the day lesson or the two day lesson at HART.

  6. I just googled and searched for forums about recommendations, but as you said on another post, if HART is an option go to them, never did any further training with them post L and P however they have seen it all doing what they do.

    Prior to HART I never had any experience with bikes, and after I got my L I didn't have anyone to teach me so wobbling around on an empty Sunday morning there was so many uncertainties, wasn't one of those people who 'just got it'. I only did 1-on-1 as I had purchased a bike but was too shit scared to travel to HART from my place and the private lesson costed less than HART + rent their bikes.

    If you're going to do 1-on-1 nevertheless I'd suggest she to do some training with you beforehand, in total I got 2hr + 1hr + 1hr sessions at $80/ea. In retrospect only the latter 2hrs was helpful as he pretty much went through what HART did at L. So she can confidently tell them what she knows, be able to demonstrate it, brush the absolute beginner stuff aside, and save some money.
  7. Be careful @Fa1c0n. In 2001 my wife did a 'beginners ladies' ride day at the local go cart track. Within 12 months we had a Ducati 750 Monster parked in the garage. Since then the arguments switched from "You're spending how much on the bike" to "No you're not spending money on YOUR bike, the Monster needs (insert product of choice)".
  8. Well, actually I've found that we have gotten discounts at places if we buy parts together so there's that! :) Like this week we both need new rear tyres so I got a discount for buying the two of them together.
  9. There is that I suppose.....
  10. Before I had my L's, I went to do a full day course and ended up with my L's in my pocket at the end of the day. Went to Armstrong's and they explained everything from where the seat is, through to where to place your feet, to how to ride it. It was a course for people without any prior experience AT ALL. I felt well prepared for the test at the end of the day and so did everyone else - anyone who really wanted their L's could pass the test with ease after that course (unless of course they did the mistake of stalling their bike out of nervousness).

    And that says me, the one whom one of the instructurs talked to at the very beginning (we were learning how to climb on the motorcycle and turn the engine on) and told not to be scared of. For some reason I must have looked frightened?
    At the end of the day, after he shook my hand and congratulated me on passing my L's, he said that I was the smoothest rider in the group. Given that almost everybody had at least ridden before (some even let their L's expire and had already been riding for a whole year), I was pretty proud of myself.

    So honestly, if those pre-courses aren't cheaper than the no-experience L courses, I would book in for the L's right away. Once you are allowed to ride on the road is when you start practicing.

    Regarding the theory: If she is interested in bikes, she will already know the needed theory. If she doesn't, well maybe she's not the one interested in getting her licence, but only you are?

  11. One can only dream Mick... One can only dream.
  12. I have to say riding as a family is brilliant. You can put the kids on the back and you can't hear them whinging.

    Best of all you can spend the day with the family and not have to talk to them.
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  13. Oh no doubt - she couldn't give two stuffs and half a potato about bikes.

    That's why I'm dropping it on her as a surprise.
    I know how addictive motorcycles are so I figure I'll push her in the deep end and she will get hooked on them. Then I'll nurture her motorcycle addiction.

    Hopefully I can convince her to let us get married on our motorbikes.
  14. Not beyond the realms of possibility. We had our honeymoon at Phillip Island in 1988 and did a walk around the track - it was still under construction. She, yes that's right SHE wants to go back there for a second honeymoon but this time when the WSBK races are on. We might also get to see the penguins this time. We'll need her to get a job first.
  15. Hehe Splendid.

    Like I said - Ill nourish her motorcycle addiction and hope it flourishes into a beautiful motorcycle passion. :p
  16. Motorcycles are a lot like heroin.... :p
  17. Two things convinced my wife to get her licence. The first was a ride down the GOR with my sister (on her CBR600) and her husband on his 916. She saw how much fun my sister was having that she figured she should give it a go. Then she did the ride day at the go cart track and that was it. She was smiling for days after. Unfortunately she was unemployed at the time. But as luck would have it she found the perfect job within a couple of months. A Spare Parts Interpreter Traineeship at the local Harley Dealer.
  18. hehehe

  19. Holy shit - how is that for luck...
    I fear I'll never work for HD cause Peter Stevens hates me too much...
  20. I'm trying to convince my fiancé too that we should ride to our wedding. :p
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